CSLThoughts #15 – Drop the Mic S1 Ep1 Recap

CSLThoughts #15 – Drop the Mic S1 Ep1 Recap

I have been watching my favorite tv shows and enjoying them but a new show has made its way into my life and it’s called Drop the Mic.
I love a well crafted insult so this show is for me. It comes on TBS Tuesday nights at 10:30 PM Eastern and I have the dvr set to record just in case I miss it.

The show is hosted by Hailey Baldwin and M-E-T-H-O-D Man and consists of 2 rap battles each episode.
For the first episode the battles are as follows…
Battle 1: Halle Berry vs James Corden
Battle 2: Anthony Anderson vs Usher
When Meth said these would be vicious celebrity rap battles I was like, “uh huh…sure ok. Halle is going to for real rap?”

I’m going to cover some of their lyrics from the first battle, but I won’t say who won.
The first 11 minutes go a little something like this…
Halle comes out looks good in this sparkly dress, straight hair, and these over the knee boots.
James looks like he is ready for a physical battle. Halle is prancing to the stage while James is air boxing to the stage.

Josh is the in-house beat boxer and James raps first.
James sounds like he is in Hamilton. Maybe he wants to play the lead and this is his audition piece.
Ok, so he playfully comes for Halle with a “Let’s not pretend Catwoman didn’t suck” line
and then he mentions a something about a scene in Swordfish, calls her pretty, and says he gets lost in her eyes. A lot of soft mushy stuff that doesn’t belong in a rap battle.

Halle understand battles and comes out swinging with “I’m glad Swordfish was to your satisfaction. It’s probably the only time your **** has seen some action.” I will say that her next couple of lines sound like she is imitating Nicki Minaj with the way her voice changes with some of the words.

She closes out with telling him that “It’s cool that you have a Tony and all, but I have an Oscar so suck my Monster Balls.”

James is like oh? It’s like that? So he says “You just Viola Davis but not a charismatic”

She responds with “I tried to be nicer, but who held your pizza when you kissed Sean Spicer?”

Ohhh then they get extra nasty. James comes for her divorces and says “The divorces enough. Forget signing autographs, sign a prenup.” and then “I heard X-men and I thought it was about your husbands.”

So, Halle took him out with “Carpool Karaoke is great as a gimmick. We watch for real stars, we don’t care that you’re in it.” and “Now why are you so angry and pushy. Of course you hated Catwoman, you never get *****.

Meth comes back out and asks the crowd who won and gave out the award. I won’t spoil that part for you if you decide to watch.

The flow is simple and I didn’t expect to hear any triplets. Actually, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to be hearing, but I didn’t mind the simplicity because after that 1st round when Halle didn’t hold back, they really started to get down and dirty with the slander.

The second battle with Usher and Anthony was just as good with lines like “Embrace that your **** looks like a burnt baby carrot.”

Next week Gina Rodriguez will be on battling some dude I don’t know and I will be right there cheering her on.

I was live tweeting the show last night and Hailey’s account retweeted me. So now I have Beiber lovers liking and retweeting this one random post about the show. I wish they would hurry up and be done with it because I’m used to my notifications actually being something I can respond to.

If you decide to watch, let me know what you think of the show. I will put a link to Drop the Mic on FrizzyFro.com for those of you driving while listening to this episode.
Do you have questions or comments about anything I’ve said? Email me at Danielle@frizzyfro.com or find me on Twitter and Instagram at FrizzyFroPod.

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