CSLThoughts #7 – Insecure S2E2 Requested Recap

*Note* This not an exact replica of the audio version because I added a few extra thoughts during the recording.

I’m Danielle and you’re listening to Thoughts Out Loud on Frizzyfro.com. This episode was created at the specific request of one Mr Michael W. See how this works? Ask and you might receive.

Welcome to another monthly episode of my thoughts on life, love, and happiness.
Just kidding! All I have for you are my random thoughts about whatever I experienced in the world this past month.

This time I am giving you my thoughts on Insecure season 2 Episode 2: Hella Questions.

Let me set your expectations right now. If you want a detailed discussion and analysis, I suggest you tune in to Crissle and Fran’s official episode recap on the Insecuritea Podcast. They do a GREAT job of giving you the details that 99.99% of us missed while watching the show.

As for me and my uncap? This is going to be like Lawrence at the end of Season 2 Ep 1 with that whole “get in and out quick, quick, quick!” action he gave Issa.

And if you’re listening to this I assume the following:
1. You have watched season 1
2. You know the characters
3. You are caught up on Season 2

If you have not done the above items, it’s your fault if you keep listening beyond this point.

I made these notes after my 3rd viewing of Insecure, so there is only one scene that I still connected with emotionally at this point, and I’ll tell you when we get there.
Ok, so here we go. My favorite lines along with a little bit of commentary.

Insecure Episode 2 Hella Questions

“Bitch are you a magic 8 ball? what does that mean?” – Molly when Issa was describing the aftermath of the extra quick sex she had with Lawrence

“You sent this during rush hour? Now you know Lawrence is a safe driver” – Molly when questioning Issa’s texting timeframe

“Issa put the cookie down” – Molly to Issa *cookie plops on the floor*

Thoughts: It’s weird that Molly is Issa’s therapist. Maybe Issa should also attend therapy.

What is a nebulous fuck? I had to ask google to define “nebulous” and now I am wiser. Give google a try. She loves questions.

I LOVED that the lyrics to each song fit perfectly with the scenes they play with.

In this episode Molly finally figured out how to use her words with the therapist. Molly wants to be accepted by the guys at work. I can understand wanting to be accepted by your peers. Molly is considering helping out in Chicago for the job. Good for her. That all boys club slightly triggered me because I am now a part of a boys club. Newly promoted. Congratulations to me. My situation is a little different though because they make sure to include me in conversations.
Back to the show…

I want to own the therapist’s office. I want all of it.
Molly really tried it with that “should” versus “sh—ought”.
I think I was Molly when I was younger. I thought that I couldn’t move on with life until I graduated from college.

California African American Museum – my cousin is visiting my other cousin in LA (they are sisters) and they sent me a picture of this museum Sunday afternoon. Connection! Side note: My one cousin lives in LA and now I feel like I need to visit to make sure she isn’t sitting on a bouch on the curb of her apartment complex.

The show continues with them in the museum…

Kelli: Can’t nobody say your party wasn’t lit. ‘Cause of the fire. (yeah, ha ha haaaaa… 😐 )

Molly is so shady. Issa said that Lawrence stopped by and they had a great conversation, and here comes Molly with “Oh? y’all talked? What did y’all talk about?”

Tiffany says “even perfect couples have problems”
Supposedly Derek and Tiffany are “great now” she kept all of those problems to herself. Who knew?

When Kelli’s mouth releases more words than it should have and she mentions Lawrences new woman, Issa said she didn’t want to be petty. That was so cute, but Molly pulls out her phone looks up Tasha like *snaps fingers*

“Why does she only speak in emojis?” I felt some kind a way about this line because I love a good emoji conversation.

At some point later. The next day, 2 days later…a month later…
Issa shows up at Chad’s house
My thoughts:
Chad and that confounded juice and straw.
That bum kept Issa at the door and just stared at her…looking like a cheshire cat.
No offer to let her in.
No, how can I help you? Just — staring and makes the pettiest of small talk.

But you know what? Deep down inside I LOVED Chad’s behavior. LOL I truly live for the petty. I should be ashamed, but I’m not.

Ok. At Tasha’s house…
We get to watch this season’s show within the show featuring Regina Hall and Scott Foley (pauses to hum the Felicity theme music)

“Ninny is your soup hot?”
“It aint’ never been hotter, sir.”
“Follow the North Star to our spot by the creek.”

Tasha really thought she was starting a relationship with Lawrence.
Tasha: “you know, I was actually gon’ invite you” (to her family’s cookout)
Dear Tasha, Y’all have been out on 1 whole date and now you want to take him to meet your family?
Don’t you think that’s a bit much? Just in case you don’t I’m here to tell you that it is too much.

Then Lawrence verbally vomited on Tasha with that whole “Tasha I slept with my ex” speech.
I will give Tasha credit though; She was good to tell him that he needed to go.
How does Tasha not know that Lawrence has been in a 5 year relationship and he is messed up because the woman he loved/s cheated on him. He is in no way ready for a new relationship.

Back to Issa..
Issa said she didn’t want to be petty, but here we are looking at ALL of Tasha’s social media.
But to be honest, this is what we do. We look up the competition. I don’t know if that’s what guys do, but it’s what we women do… um…or, maybe that’s just what I used to do during my Myspace/Facebook days.
Instagram lurking Issa sees the caption on Tasha’s page: ‘The poppers are popping’.

At the school house
Enter Vice Principal Gaines

Side note, Mr Gaines looks like an older version of Kanye west

I am not a fan of Mr Kanye Gaines.
He said things are falling through the cracks because the school is now so overpopulated.
But then he says “Might have to build a wall or something. Have them pay for it” and proceeds to laugh. And no, sir. You cannot scrape mold off and be done with it.

Freida wants to report him and Issa does not.
Issa is avoiding the Gaines situation and every time she blows it off, I cringe. How can she be so willing to let Gaines says stuff like: “we speak English here. Save the Spanish for the bus”?

The new advisor asked what do you need and Issa said they need paper. “Do you have that here?” The advisor says “yes, we are a school”.

Chad to Lawrence while they were looking at an apartment: “It has two bedrooms. One for you to sleep in and one for your feelings”.
Ebony – she looked so familiar the first time I watch the episode, but then Issa Rae tweeted that it was Patty. The one that was always sick. Why did I think she was sister Mary?

Molly/Lawrence meet up
Molly is annoying. Is she really a good lawyer? She asks him how he is doing and then goes in to how Issa is feeling with out really giving Lawrence a chance to talk about himself. You can see from his response of “and” that he wasn’t expecting that from her.
Molly probably did more damage than good.

In the parking lot between the bank and the Best Buy, Issa is in her car dreaming about popping Tasha in the face when, in that moment, Tasha walks by. So, Issa quickly lays her seat back and has a phone conversation with Molly.
I laughed when the security guard comes up to the car and says “Ma’am, you cannot sleep here”.

At some point one night…
Lawrence is outside of Tasha’s house talking about mistakes.
So, since Tasha says they were never exclusive. She has no problem with inviting Lawrence in for food. UGHHHHH

And Issa is settling in to her new single life by moving some of her clothes to Lawrence’s closet and moves the pillow to the middle of the bed.
I will say that this scene got me the most. The music. The lighting. Issa’s actions. I could relate to this scene 100%. Breakups suck. That strong feeling of no longer being a couple and going back to doing things on your own.

And then to propel us into the week, Issa decides to engage in Tinder sex. Like, with a stranger. Yuck.

The end. I have said all I have to say (unless you choose to challenge me.) Send your comments to Danielle@frizzyfro.com or contact me on Twitter and Instagram at FrizzyFroPod.

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