CSLThoughts #2 – The Inconsolable List

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I’m Danielle and this is the Inconsolable List, much like JD’s Hit List from The Rap Game, but much less pleasant.

Movie Madness – Beaches vs “Beaches” (The “For Why Did They Do That?” edition)
So look, I like Nia Long (Remember her from Love Jones?) and Idina Menzel was great as Rachel Berry’s mother, but…these up and coming Beaches need to respect their legacy and not allow the likes of Lifetime TV to sully the legacy. To be clear, I did not hate watch the movie. I watched because Beaches is a beloved film. Back in my college days, my friend Valerie and I would lay on our respective couches with our Cook Out trays (shout out to Greensboro, NC) and watch movies like Beaches, The Color Purple, and Clueless (Retire in Peace, Stacey Dash.) This was back in the day when VHS tapes and VCRs were a lifestyle.

We would watch Beaches and be all tearful at the end. So I’d prepared my mind to watch this new Beaches to see how other actors would play the roles. I was skeptical, but not in a “Y’all are gonna mess this up.” kind of way. But in the end, you did. You messed it up. But let me start with the positives: John played by Antonio Cupo is cute, Tory Whitney played by Sanai Victoria had the sweetest baby voice. Nia Long actually did a good job at playing sick and dying, and when she said “You got hm by default and you know that.” I was like, “Well alright now! You better let her know!”
Now that we’ve got all of the good stuff out of the way…WHERE WAS THE OTTO TITLING PERFORMANCE? And don’t tell me it was that Hamilton-esque nondescript song towards the beginning of the movie.

There was one scene where the camera movement absolutely reminded me that this was Lifetime and they like to create those creepy stalker/kill/murder/death movies that I refuse to watch. The movie was as good as it gets for a Lifetime TV movie. If you’ve seen the original and loved it, you may or may not love the Lifetime TV Beaches.

Women’s March on Washington, DC
I didn’t attend because I was not feeling the principles laid out on the site. While I don’t believe that violence solves anything, I’m not going to let anyone push me around. I assumed this march would be like most Black Lives Matter protests, and I did not want to be handcuffed or tear gassed or arrested. But waaaait a minute! None of those things happened. It literally was a peaceful protest. Something was different, and I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Political Pretense Presser
Last episode I felt so inspired This episode? I am pissed off.
On Jan 20, 2009 I sat in my house (the one with a past due mortgage), and watched Barack Obama become the 44th President of the United States. I remember watching history being made as I sat on a folding chair in front of my small tv in my otherwise empty master bedroom. I had been unemployed for the previous 6 months, and was working as a temp for an old employer.

I remember feeling conflicted that day because I was scheduled to work. But how was I supposed to work with the first Black president about to be elected? In the end, it all worked out because nature decided to give Charlotte an unexpected snowstorm that kept me home for the day.

That day was the first time I really understood the power of Twitter. That was my first memorable live tweet event and I felt like I was a part of a community.

Fast forward to noon on January 20, 2017 when that dude, Dingle Trop, took the oath of office. I refused to watch the event, but my Twitter timeline provided the gifs and posts to keep me informed.

Throughout the day, people wondered about the attendance numbers. Based on the images provided, it was obvious that not as many people attended compared to previous inaugurations. So then why, a day later, did Press Secretary Sean Spicer speak his version of the truth? When we say “Speak your truth”, this is NOT what we mean. Why did “we, the people” let this happen? Well actually, why did you, the other people let this happen? I did my part. Where were you?

You know what? I’m going to stop here and let the lyrics to Beyonce’s Sorry permeate through my being. My middle fingers are up and my hands are high.

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