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This is going to be a quick rundown of the current and upcoming TV entertainment I plan to watch or avoid this fall. I won’t be able to watch everything real time, but what ever I do watch real time, I will be tweeting so make sure you’re following me to join along in the conversation.

Here’s what I am watching or recently watched:
Insecure (HBO) Premiered on July 23, 2017 with 8 episodes. We will see you next summer for Season 3.
Outlander (Starz) Episode 3 just posted. I am familiar with the story because I read the books. Seeing the visual representation of those words is truly a pleasure for me. I also love that the author of the book series Diana Gabaldon is signed on as a consultant.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) I recently decided to watch this show because I saw a gif (yes, a gif) of Tituss Burgess (why does his name have so many s(s) in it? Anyway, he was dressed like Beyonce in Lemonade. I have finished season 2 and I’m going to start season 3 soon.
Younger (TVLand) just wrapped season 4 with an episode titled “The Irish Goodbye”. I enjoy watching Younger, but the season finale was weak. Maybe it was weak because I’d already guessed what was going to happen. With that said, I do appreciate that the series diversified the background non-speaking actors as well as giving more people of color speaking roles. Zane, played by Charles Michael Davis, has a smile that makes me smile even when he’s being devious.
Neo Yokio (Netflix) Premiered this week with 6 episodes. I watched it because of Desus and Mero, but I enjoyed the season because it’s freaking funny. Now, there are may people out there calling it “god awful” and want to talk about the technical merits of the show. Look, all I know is that it was produced by Japanese anime studios, so I’m not sure how much more authentic you can get when it comes to drawing anime. But whatever. There will always be haters for all forms of art. Those people don’t deserve a big Toblerone. I, however, do and I request that my big Toblerone be dark chocolate.
Fuller House (Netflix) is in its 3rd season and I have watched each season. The first 2 seasons had 13 episodes, but the 3rd season only has 9. Where are the other 4 episodes? Did this have something to do with Jodie Sweetin’s injury. (I took a moment to look up what happened. According to an article on Cinemablend.com. Jodie’s injury had to be written in to the script. I noticed it during the 1st episode, so it was good to see that they wrote it in for the 2nd episode instead of trying to hide it. And, after a little more investigation, Romper.com says the season has 18 episodes with only half of them released so far. This is the 30th anniversary for the series premiere of Full House and there is no release date set for the other 9 episodes. Look at what a little research will do for you. Now I have something to look forward to.
Cable Girls (Netflix) is a Spanish Period Drama (which means that I read the subtitles because the English dub is horrible). I tried the dub, but I couldn’t take it. The show first aired on April 28th with 8 episodes and I really, really want to know when the remainder of the season will come out. All of this waiting is torturous.

Fall TV lineup of shows I will be watching
Big Bang Theory (CBS) Mon Sept 25
This Is Us (NBC) Sept 26
Will & Grace (NBC) Sept 28
Blackish (ABC) Oct 3
Jane the Virgin (The CW) Oct 13
Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo) Nov 5
Chopped: Alton’s Challenge (Food Network) Oct 10

Shows on my radar, but I am behind on watching
Fresh off the Boat (ABC) Oct 3
Queen Sugar (OWN) Oct 3

Shows I might watch if I have nothing else to do
Young Sheldon (CBS)
The Voice (NBC) Jennifer Hudson will be a judge

I realized that I don’t have a lot of reality TV shows on the list, so I asked Google for some help. I shouldn’t have because now I know there’s show premiering on MTV called 90s House. My curiosity got the best of me and I headed over to MTV to see what it’s all about. I’m going to read the about the show section straight from the website:

90’s House is a competition show that places 12 millennial housemates in a 90’s inspired house and forces the young adults to officially unplug their modern-day devices and party like it’s 1990. With only the technology, catch phrases and fashion from that decade, each episode opponents will face elimination by competing in various 90’s themed challenges. The raddest contestant will win $90K, a Mazda Miata and tickets for two on board the Ship-Hop I Love the 90’s Cruise.

I was STILL curious, so I watched the sneak peek clip. My one comment: These kids look like they are playing dress up. They aren’t owning the style. Ugh. But for those of you interested, the show premieres on Sept 26 on MTV. Good Luck.

A show that’s season is already in progress, but I plan on catching up
Project Runway Season 16 is focusing on plus size women. The models range from size 2 to 22 and I want to see how the designers succeed and/or fail with a full season of different body shapes. Thank you, Tim Gunn! I am learning to sew and it’s not easy. I have actually grown quite frustrated with my lack of ability, but I’m going to keep trying.

Shows I won’t be watching
Anything with an CIS or ICS also known as crime shows
Empire – I stopped watching after Season 2 Episode 1
Dancing with the Stars – I stopped watching when they announced Paula Deen was a contestant
Superior Donuts – I decided that it wasn’t my kind of show when I saw the commercials for the 1st season.

What will you be watching this season?

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