CSLThoughts #13 – Insecure S2E8 Hella Perspective Recap

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Welcome back! The season finale is upon us and I’m glad Issa, Lawrence, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, and crew could get away before full on Pumpkin Spice season starts. As an FYI, I don’t care how you spice a pumpkin because it’s always going to be disgusting.

Don’t forget to check out the season finale episode of #Insecuritea the official recap podcast hosted by Fran of The Friend Zone podcast and Crissle of The Read podcast.

I have decided on my own theme song for this season of Insecure and it’s Hopeless by Dionne Farris. Not familiar with the song? I have embedded the video in the blog post for your reference.

I love that this episode is titled Hella Perspective because we are see things from many sides (not all sides, but many).

We don’t get to see Dro, Candace, or Tiffany’s perspectives. I’m hoping season 3 will give these and more.

The interesting thing about this episode is that it’s broken down by character, which is the way I actually like to do these recaps. If you happen to go back and listen, you’ll see that I sometimes shuffle the story around just to tell each character’s story as a whole. The scene transitions were really good. Did you notice them? If not, go back and watch the show again.

The show starts with Issa noticing the changes in her neighborhood. Old familiar stores are closing and hipsters are moving in with their spiced coffees and lumber jack clothing choices. Her beloved neighborhood, Inglewood, is being converted to I’wood. I’m not a Philadelphia native, but they know all about neighborhood name changes and gentrification. University City has it’s own name and boundaries outside of West Philadelphia and then there’s the gentrification saga that happened in the Point Breeze/”Newbold” neighborhood.

From here the story takes turns showing us what Molly, Issa, and Lawrence have been doing for the last 30 days. The 30 days starts with everyone at the same marathon event.

30 days with Lawrence
For whatever reason, Lawrence is still doing outdoor physical activity with his coworkers.

And it looks like he is doing inside physical activities with Aparna, in the kitchen, where there is food on the counter and a hot stove.

It’s good to see Lawrence coming out of his depressed state especially if that means he’s going to be cooking good food. I’ll take some of that salmon spinach thingy.

Lawrence is ready to come up with his next idea, but Aparna says maybe he should work with Collin on a project that’s already in progress to gain perspective on what he might change for future projects. It’s good to see him open up to new options.

On some other day, Lawrence and Aparna are having dinner at a restaurant. Lawrence is going to buy stupid speakers so that he can listen to SportsCenter in the shower. I can’t believe listening to SportsCenter means more to a man than sitting on a comfortable couch. Actually, I can believe it. I just don’t understand it.

Woot Woot! Lawrence is back in the saddle. He joined Colin’s Saddle project at work and Aparna knows all of the details because she has been canoodling with Colin. Lawrence knows she’s had sex with Colin once, but didn’t realize that it was an ongoing convenient drunken sex thing. Why is he looking like a lost puppy? 😂

Lawrence glances to the side and sees Molly and Quentin walk into the restaurant.

Back at the office…wait. Before we go on, someone is walking around Lawrence’s office with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. I want this kind of life (except, the cookies should be individually wrapped because people are nasty.) Here is an example of the transitions I was talking about. They were at the restaurant and Lawrence was like “Do you want dessert?” and then the scene switches to a plate of cookies passing his desk.

Anyway, back to the story… The cookies distract Lawrence from doing his work and he sees Aparna laughing at Collin’s super random piglet story. I know many people are going to say this is why you don’t date in the office, but I have seen many, many success stories from coworkers dating and getting married.

Lawrence is still struggling with being cheated on, so his trust tolerance is probably pretty low.

The living room has folding chairs, but yet Lawrence has Derek and Chad setting up a flat screen tv.

Lawrence is snapping at them like his blood sugar is low. Did you see when he told them to use both hands and Chad aggressively added his other hand and stared at him like, “you happy now?”

Chad asked if Lawrence planted a stick. And indeed the flower pot is holding two leaning stalks of the plant Aparna gave him the day she visited. Ohhh but why is his work bag sitting in the flower pot?! I guess she hasn’t been back since then because that plant is deceased.

Lawrence mentions they can watch the sports, but all Chad wants is wings and to watch Due North. Lawrence teases him about how much he loves watching the show. Men love drama just as much as women. I don’t know why they pretend like they don’t.

Chad asks how “Jasmine” is doing. The funny part is that I was watching Jay Ellis’ IG stories before the finale and he mentioned that Jasmine is the real name of the actress playing Aparna. So I immediately caught that when Chad said it. Nice touch.

Lawrence mentions that he has to work with her ex. Chad is telling him to put his foot down and let her know her place. Derek says Tiffany had a dude at her job named Fred. Unlike what Chad suggested, Derek went to Fred, and now Fred is now gone. Where? Who knows, but he is now gone.

I just want to remind guys that if you have a Chad-like friend in your life, please do not take any of his advice unless your goal want to remain single.

These 3 knuckleheads settle down to watch Due North, and guess what? They hung the tv all crooked.

Lawrence and Aparna are on the way to the movies. He is trying to have a conversation with her but she is more interested in the things happening in her phone. (hmm…kinda like that time Tasha was interested in talking about tv shows and Lawrence was only interested in what was happening between her thighs.) 🤷🏾

I feel like I am in a hamster wheel because once again I want to know: Are they exclusive? Did they have the relationship discussion?

Jealous Lawrence brings up Colin again and gets into an argument with Aparna. While they are arguing, Issa calls.

Lawrence’s 30 days ends with him standing outside of The Dunes wearing what Twitter calls his Carl Thomas sweater. He did take a deep breath like he was going to sing “I wish” but instead he simply entered The Dunes

Question: Why do LA apartments look like North Carolina motels from the 1950s/60s?

30 days with Molly Rewinding back to the marathon.

Molly and Issa are half-heartily clapping for the runners they don’t know while waiting for Kelli to run by.

Molly mentions that Quentin is coming to town and she is trying to keep it casual. She likes him, but he’s not her type. What is your type Molly? Married men you can never fully have as your own? hmm?

Tiffany and Derek show up. Tiffany says they are late and Derek says there’s a good reason why. (I was curious about this line, but It’s probably because Tiffany hasn’t told them she’s pregnant!)

Yes, I will be looking at all things Tiffany and Derek to see if I can figure out what’s going on with these two.

Twitter has already posited that Tiffany slept with Fred and now she’s pregnant with his child. I don’t know about all of that, but we still don’t have full details into why Derek was staying in a hotel.

Molly is interviewing for other jobs! When it comes to her job, Molly is great on paper AND is impressive in person. Now, if only we could fix the “life” part of the whole “work-life balance” equation.

She was offered the job at Hayward and she is going to go on more interviews to see is she can collect a few more offers before going back to her bosses. Molly is a smart woman when it comes to her job. I have seen this strategy work successfully for some and unsuccessfully for others who grossly misjudged their worth at that particular company. How will that play out for Molly?

Quentin’s in town and they are at a restaurant cracking jokes about her bosses cutting the check. Their frequent use of the word ‘check’ causes this waitress to ask them if they are ready for the check, but…they haven’t even ordered yet!

Molly sees Lawrence across the room and when Quentin asked what’s wrong, she says she saw a guy she used to know. USED TO KNOW? You still know him. You had dinner with him just a few days/weeks ago.

Quentin compliments Molly and suggests they get dinner the next time she is in Chicago. She is so noncommittal with the “I guess” and she calls him homie.

Fellas, if you don’t already know this, when a woman calls you “homie” she’s not interested. NOT. INTERESTED.

**clapping** We are back in the beautiful therapy office talking to Dr Rhonda. Molly is giving her the rundown on what happened with Quentin. The doctor tells her to focus on what she could have vs should have.

Molly is willingly scheduling her next appointment when Dastardly Dro pops up with an “I miss you” text. So…did she tell Dr Rhonda about Dro? Did she? Probably not. She probably only talked about the sanitized version of her life.

I have to say, Molly gave that whole “could” thing a that a try when she had sex with Quentin.

Molly and Kelli are at Issa’s place. (Which, by the way, is clean like she never had a tantrum.)
at she can’t make it. Why couldn’t she make it? What mischief is she up to?

The women watch Due North.

Molly is having a follow-up meeting with her bosses and they know she’s been interviewing. These men preferred to give her an unpaid Rising Star piece of paper and prominent website picture than give her the money she asked for. Congratulations! They all looks so very pleased.

I’m thinking her strategy of stacking offers probably isn’t going to work considering they know she is interviewing and this was their opportunity to give her money to keep her.

Molly’s 30 days end in someone’s bed. Her bed? A hotel bed? There’s a suit and tie on the floor, so I’m assuming she’s with Quentin. Either way, whoever he is, he “plays too much.” Issa calls and Molly sits up and says “What happened?”

30 days with Issa One last rewind to the marathon

The group is walking up to Kelli and Tiffany says, “these people smell so bad. My nose is so sensitive.”

Kelli had to stop running because she got her period.

Tiffany: Well that makes one of us.

Kelli is giving theee most descriptive summary of what happened to her white outfit. Tiffany and Derek look truly tortured by her red wedding words.

Issa and Molly find out Tiffany is pregnant. To soothe their feelings Tiffany is going to allow them to give her a baby shower (with her suggestions). Thanks to Issa’s party they are having a weed baby. aww

Issa sees Lawrence hugging and kissing on Aparna.

Tiffany is discussing how everyone in the group is doing great things:
Kelli is getting Fit
Molly has interviews
Issa has…uh…well, Issa….she can’t remember the great thing Issa has done. I mean, I was sitting there waiting for it to.

I thought maybe Issa’d done something in the 7 days since the show last aired.

Shady Tiffany and Kelli keep guessing until Issa blurts out she is moving.

At the We got Y’all office. Issa set up a segregated weekend session and got into big trouble with Joanne. We all knew that was a bad idea, Issa. You should have been listening to the internet. We told you.

Joanne gave Frieda the new Director of Student Outreach position. So, why is Issa the only one clapping?

Ken says he is MORE more capable than Frieda.

Everyone is watching Due North.

“Isaac done killed Cristine ‘cause she was having relations with Ms Lydia.”
” When Ninny told me the poison didn’t work I did what I had to do!”
“I hate slavery!”

During all of this yelling two of the slaves simply walk out the door. They did the equivalent of dropping a smoke pellet and disappearing.

Kelli says, “You see? you mind your business, you get free.”

The show is over and Issa wants them to help her pack. Kelli reminds her that she has nowhere to go.

Issa, putting on a fake front, says she wants to live by herself. Kelli, who keeps the truth ready and available, yells “Bitch where?! You ain’t got no money!” While the Kelli character is a little too out there for me, I do appreciate that she is direct. There is no guessing when it comes to her thoughts and opinions.

Issa is having a yard sale and her extra annoying brother Amhal is there.

ThugYoda wants to buy the Brock-pot so that he can make baulliflower soup for his daughter, but all he has is $5 and an EBT bard.

Young neighbor dude, Eddie, has a little friend who just plops down on Issa’s couch.
Eddie is sorry to hear that Issa and her wi-fi are moving out. Young Eddie’s girl asks Issa how much she wants for the couch.

I don’t know what Issa told that young woman, but she didn’t sell the couch and decided to call Lawrence to see if he wanted it. (This is when Lawrence was too busy arguing with Aparna to answer her call.)

Issa is in the car with her brother and he is giving her the rules. I think it’s good to have rules. You should know exactly what you are getting in to before you decide to stay somewhere.

I have 2 half-brothers I have only met once, so I’m not sure of Amhal’s negative attitude is normal for siblings or not. He drops her off so that she can turn in her keys. You have 10 minutes, Issa. tick tock.

Issa walks into the apartment and finds Lawrence there waiting for her.

They have this whole scene of apologies and love. There’s no need for me to talk about that. I’m just glad they were spoken in a calm and reasonable manner.

Lawrence says goodbye and Issa has a dream sequence. When he proposed I was like WHAT?! But I relaxed as soon I realized what was happening.

The marriage, the pregnancy, and the baby scenes touched my heart way more than the apologetic words they spoke in quote unquote “real life”.

Issa’s phone rings and it’s her hateful brother telling her that her time’s been up.

I want to say that this is where the concurrent 30day story telling ends. If that’s true, then when Molly answered the phone at the end of her 30days, Issa was probably calling to tell her that she talked to Lawrence. I know there were a few questions about that on Twitter, so this is my guess.

Molly is a really good friend to Issa. She sets up a Moroccan evening with authentic food and clothing. And, they will be eating with no forks. Issa is not pleased with the fork situation. I wouldn’t be pleased either. Fingers may have been the first eating utensils, but we have evolved. I require forks, knives, and spoons. At the very least give me a paper towel. Thanks.

The next morning Issa leaves Molly’s apartment to head to her next destination.

Now we have real-time concurrent story telling. (I’m sure professional tv people/writers have better words to describe this, but whatever. Writing and story telling aren’t what I do for a living.)

Both Molly and Issa receive phone notification: A stranger person makes Molly smile and Issa smiles at Lawrence’s friend request.

Molly is at home picking out skimpy attire for someone, and as soon as I saw that elbow I knew it was Dastardly Dro. I am so tired of Molly. I AM TIRED OF MOLLY! I guess she decided that having a little piece of Dro is better than having 100% of Quentin. Or, she is planning on having both of them. I don’t think Quentin is going to be in to an open marriage the way Candice and Dro supposedly are. I look forward to seeing how this plays out in season 3. I don’t want season 3 to come back with her engaged to Quentin and still having Dro on the side. UGHHHH I feel like the writers would do this just to keep my blood pressure high.

Issa gets out of her ride share car and knocks on Daniel’s door. So…It looks like she is going to stay there and sleep on the couch. Let me queue up “Nobody’s Supposed to be Here” by Ms Deborah Cox because…WHAT? It’s not for the love element of the song, but simply because she says “How did you get here? Nobody’s supposed to be here.” I would just change it up to say No Issa’s supposed to be here. The last time she talked to Daniel she was cursing him out and throwing her expensive phone like she didn’t have any sense. Seriously, how did we get here? When did they make up? Why is Daniel so forgiving? I really don’t see where this is going.

Season 2 is officially over.

So what do we know?
Molly is career smart and love stupid.
Issa is neither career smart or love smart (but she is trying).
Lawrence is just like Issa, but he has a better paying job that allows him to have TWO sleeping rooms while Issa has none.

I look forward to seeing what the writers come up with for season 3.

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