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Welcome back! This is the episode I have been waiting for! It’s dinner time and everyone is hella awkward.
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So let’s dive right in to Season 2 Episode 7 – Hella Disrespectful.
Issa (at home) and Molly (in the hotel room) are on the phone talking about what happened between Issa and Daniel. Note: Molly’s sweater is nice.
Issa is talking about how she let Daniel embarrass her. Sigh.
She claims she was trying to show him that he was special to her, but he just made her feel stupid.
I am at a loss here. I thought this was a hotation. When did Daniel become more than a penile provider? Why is she saying that she was trying to show how special he was to her?

People often say actions speak louder than words, but I want Issa to reconsider and start using her words more and actions less.

Molly says he was disrespectful thinking he could do all things pornhub related. (He wasn’t purposefully being disrespectful, but whatever.)
Issa thanks Molly for not judging her.
And since this is confessional time, Molly admits she has still been seeing Dro.
Unlike Issa’s sprayed eye embarrassment, I think this Dro situation is actually an issue.

Issa rightfully asks Molly what this Dromance means for her since she’s the chick on the side.

Issa gets on the bus and we see the dude from last episode avoiding eye contact. Thanks to the reminder recaps I realized that he is one of the We Got Y’all kids. Last week I thought he was one of her Tinder dates gone wrong. My bad. But can you blame me? uh?! Can you???

The Boy child has his book bag in an unoccupied seat and Issa gave him the look that says, “I’m gonna need for you to move that so I can sit down”. She sits down and he pulls out his PSAT book. Issa gives him some horrible advice that makes him semi-smile, but then she tells him not to do that. Instead, she advises him to come to We Got Y’all sessions for tutoring. He tells her that Mr Kanye Gaines said the program was full.

Issa is at work and asks Frieda if they can talk. Frieda is like “I’m pretty busy with some computer stuff.” Dear Frieda, “computer stuff” isn’t an actual thing. Creating a pivot table in Excel is a real thing. Running a SQL query to analyze data is a real thing, but doing “computer stuff”? Nah. You have time for Issa.

Issa hands over her ideas on how to increase the enrollment of Latino students at the school and Frieda smiles in agreement.
Frieda asks where all of this is coming from and I am so very happy to hear Issa admit that she hasn’t been her normal self lately.

—Frieda is so warm and fuzzy. She really thought her “oh hey” was bitchy. She’s like me when I think I’m yelling and sounding angry, but I really just sound like a kitten meowing. rolls eyes

Molly is rolling around Chicago with her (in my mind) future baby daddy, Quentin and he is trying to get her to try a mix of buttery ranch and caramel crisp popcorn.
He wouldn’t have been able to convince me to try that. Not at all. Give me buttery. Give me caramel, but do NOT attempt to get me to eat ranch popcorn.
Ranch is a salad dressing flavor and that’s where it belongs – on a salad. And if you’re wondering, corn doesn’t belong in salads. Not boiled corn, grilled corn, or popped corn.

MMMMMM…This is an interesting conversation. Quinten is coming to LA in a few weeks and wants Molly to take him out and show him around. Yessss make it so, Molly.

Back in LA, Molly is with Despicable Dro and gives him the popcorn combo Quentin gave to her. Now THAT was disrespectful.
He asks if she got the invite to Derek’s birthday party. Molly confirms that she did and states Tiffany included a style guide. Despicable says that Tiffany expects for him and Candice to adhere to the color palette. At the mention of Candice, Molly may as well have responded with, “Oh? Your wife is coming? Why would you bring your wife to this event? I knew she was coming, but whyyyy?” Disgusting asks if she is ok. (Shut up Dro and go home to your wife.)

Unfortunately, he didn’t go home. But, he did say some sort of nonsense like “what we have is new, but we are still us”. What? What does that even mean?

Issa is at home when Tiffany texts asking if she is still coming to Derek’s birthday party. Issa confirms. Tiffany then texts that Lawrence will be there. This seems to be news to Issa so she texts Molly and asks if she knew. Of course Molly didn’t know! She would have told you, Issa.

Issa decides to look up Lawrence on The FB (a place I refuse to visit for my social media needs) and finds that she’s been blocked.
And now she’s in the mirror talking to herself and mad rapping about what Lawrence has done.
We being childish?
– Being childish is buying panties at the store and hiding out at your friend’s house because you are avoiding going home.
We just pointing and clickin’ and we not talking?
– That whole “we not talking” is something you should have considered before doing the dirty deed with Daniel.
You fixed your fingers to block me?
Like you Mutombo?
⁃ I had to Google Mutombo (who it seems is a basketball player that blocks things) but at least the reference makes sense now.
Like you don’t know me?
– Lawrence thought he knew you, but now he is questioning everything about you and the relationship y’all had.
Five years by your side and I’m just a button?
– Yeah, it was 5 years but, at least you didn’t let it get to the level of ”eleven years I’ve sacrificed”.
You want to push me?
You want to push me?

Molly finally had the money meeting with her bosses. Finally. Amen. Thank you.
The outcome isn’t what she wanted, but she let them know that she deserves more. Good Job.

Issa confronts Mr Kanye Gaines but he needs her to hurry because “the pot pie gave half of the 9th grade food poisoning.”

Issa finally tells Mr Gaines that the program is meant to be inclusive. He doesn’t understand why she is complaining since her program is full and she is helping the kids. He accuses Issa of being All Lives Matter and jokes about no one being killed.

Let’s talk about Lawrence in his extra well lit office break room.

It seems Lawrence missed an EPIC corn maze due to his allergies. He mentions that he spent time hanging out at home.
Buuut Aparna already told them they went to the theater. And because Lawrence is a liar liar pants on fire, the other coworkers are asking if they are a “thing”. He then says “no, we were just hanging out” and Aparna is like “yep. That’s what I said.”

Lawrence approaches Aparna to discuss what happened in the breakroom. She was like “it’s cool” and Lawrence takes the time to explain that he hasn’t been clear in the past and he didn’t want to rush in to anything or lead her astray. I can appreciate that. He is level setting expectations.

Lawrence and Aparna meet up in the stairwell and he wants to push drinks from 7pm to 10pm because of this “thing” that he forgot about. Aparna’s face looks like “well, why can’t I go.” And Lawrence mentions that his ex will be there. Aparna says they could try another night or she could go with him to the party if that’s easier. Lawrence stutters and says “sure”. Why Lawrence? Why didn’t you say let’s do it some other time? Why would you invite her into a situation that’s going to suck?

Issa is getting dressed for the party when Daniel calls. He wants to talk and apologize so they can move on.
So, why can’t Issa accept the apology? He is begging her to forgive him.
But then the line was spoken that supposedly turned Daniel into a horrible person, “ I guess we’re even now”. On Twitter the clacking on many keypresses was heard around the world. Women were livid and men were like “noooooooooooo”. I was like, “What’s the problem here? They are even. Get over it.” He didn’t do it on purpose and Issa has lost her mind. She called him disrespectful and petty. But nah.
And then, she threw down that expensive phone she knows she cannot afford to replace. If you’re going to throw your phone, make sure you aren’t throwing it at a hard surface.

This birthday party is so beautiful. Thank you to the set/production design team that created this setting.

So much was going on during the party. I’m going to call out a few things.

Tiffany calls the server Vince and he explains that his name is Vance like the word dance.

Let’s check the guest list…
Derek is there with Tiffany
Kelli is there with Sweetie (and she is going to mosque with his family)
Dro walks in with Candice
Issa is there with her brother.
Two stranger people (one of whom is named Tamika) are at the end of the table, but they are a couple.
Molly is there with…well..mmm Let’s see. It looks like she came with Dro’s favorite dress. I guess that’s counts.

Despicable Dro walks up to Molly speaking Spanish about how she is wearing his favorite dress. Candice comes up and gives her a hug. Insert awkward silence and conversation.

Dinner commences and Kelli is heard asking Sweetie if he eats pork. He’s like “of course I do”.

Molly takes a seat and my favorite lines of this episode comes forth from the blonde goddess Tiffany,
“Molly, there are place cards. I didn’t design my own font so you could sit just where you wanted.”
Did Dro think he was gonna have his wife on his right and his side Molly on the left? And now Molly is at the VERY end of the table looking disgusted. Mwahahahahaha!!!

Issa claims that she’s not going to have words with Lawrence and that she’s not going to start drama. LIAR!

Everyone is seated around the table when Lawrence and Aparna show up. I’m guessing he didn’t get an actual invite because everyone else is dressed up and they are in denim. Lawrence says they should go and Aparna says it’s whatever he decides. Well, he decides they should stay. Lawrence, please make better decisions.
So then Derek makes everyone slide down to make room for Aparna. I appreciate all of the clinks and clanks of the moving place settings. See how much effort went in to making an extra place they weren’t even planning for? Hmm?
Did you see Tiffany pick up Lawrence’s nametag and move it to his new location. When I first saw it I thought she was moving her own name tag. She also scolds Kelli for taking Derek’s fork. I understand the confusion though because sit down dinners do come with a lot of eating utensils.

Once everyone has relocated and Lawrence and Aparna sit down, the awkward silence begins. Lawrence finally decides to yell out an introduction. Issa decides that she needs a whiskey. I’m not sure why she’s mad at Lawrence though. She’s the one who started this mess. She’s the reason they are no longer a couple. Yes, yes it didn’t help that he was depressed or whatever, but she cheated. Let’s all remember that.

Kelly mixed The Tiffany and The Derek drinks together and renamed it the Derrfany.
Dinner continues. Lawrence and Issa look individually uncomfortable.
Derek, Tiffany, Dro, and his wife Candice are having a conversation about performance Art – specifically a Serbian performance artist named Marina Abramovic (thanks Google search results). She’s the one who had that kerfuffle with Jay-Z regarding Picasso Baby and a donation.

Ok, I’m getting side tracked. So they are talking performance art and Molly is at the other end of the table trying to be a part of the conversation. Molly, I don’t know all of the rules of etiquette, but I think you’re supposed to talk to the people to your right, left and directly across from you (but not across from you at the other end of the table. No no.)
Dro asks if they have ever been to some place with lights or something and Molly says “The infinity room”. No one hears her but when Candice says it everyone is like “YES! YESSSSSS!” Molly looks quite displeased.
Sweetie tells Molly about the car museum he’s visited. It’s the one where Biggie was supposedly shot.
Side Note, If you saw the Life with Biggie show on A&E this week you would know that he was shot at a stoplight. So…what is Sweetie talking about? Also, how is it that Kelli just recently found out that Biggie died?

In other conversation, Kelli is asking for the butter and Issa’s brother is pretending like he doesn’t hear her.
Tamika’s dude (you know, 1/2 of the stranger couple) asks Lawrence how he and Aparna know Tiffany and Derek. Lawrence says “My ex went to college with them.” Once again I heard the twitter siren go off. The tweets were saying when you break up, you break up with the friends, too. I don’t agree with that. Maybe that works when you’re in high school or still in college, but it’s not easy making new friends as an adult.

Loud mouth Tamika says, “Oh, it’s Issa?!” Why is she here? Go away, Tamika. Go Home.

Did you notice Kelli’s nameplate says Kelli^2 (Kelli squared)?
The dinner continues and Issa is all in her feelings.
Oh well.
Tiffany and Derek are looking in to buying some foreclosures. “Fingers crossed the owners lose it.”
I have been through a foreclosure, but I laughed out loud at that because it was funny. And just like Issa’s brother said, “I love her”.

Kelli is making fun of Issa’s rundown place and everyone at the table laughs because they know. They know she is the poor friend.

Tiffany gives a toast to her husband and is happy to share the night with some of their dearest friends. Drunk Issa adds “and some randos”.

Now here is where I am confused. Issa gets up from the table to leave and Molly looks at Lawrence like he has to fix this. Nah, why didn’t she take her single self outside to talk to her single friend? He didn’t have to go.

Either way, Lawrence walks up to Issa and starts to apologize about Aparna, but she thinks he wanted to parade his new girl in her face.

And then she brings up the social media blocking.

So, Lawrence asks if she is still sleeping with Daniel and Issa responds with “why do you even care?”
But…How can she say that when SHE is mad that he brought Aparna to the event? When she is mad that he blocked her? When SHE did the cheating?

And so Lawrence asks a reasonable question, “Who else did you have sex with while we were together?”
As a rebuttal, Issa decides to bring up that one time they had the quick sex while Lawrence was also having sex with Tasha. (That wasn’t a relationship, so it doesn’t count in my mind. Lawrence was having his own version of a hotation.)

It was kinda hard to hear him sarcastically call Daniel a gentleman when we all know that Daniel squirted in Issa’s eye the other day.

Issa pulls out the big guns and responds with, ”He’s got way more going on than Woot Woot.” I’mma let you finish, but Lawrence now has a nice job, an apartment, and doesn’t leave tags hanging on his clothes for return (but we will get back to that part later.)

Then she continues to talk about his failed app idea and asks if it was worth the time she spent supporting him through his depression. Depressed or not, I feel like they had to be supporting each other because she can barely make it on her own.

And then he calls her a ho. I am not and will not be mad at that.
Interestingly, earlier in the episode when Molly says, “Hold up. I didn’t judge you for hoing around these last few months.” Twitter didn’t even peep, but when Lawrence calls Issa a ho, everyone is up in Twitter arms. And in Issa’s own words she says she knew what she was getting herself in to.

Aparna comes outside and that ends the conversation. Issa is standing there looking really, really mad.

The people still at the birthday party are singing Happy Birthday to Derek.
Tiffany serves the cake and Kelli has some choice words for her.
“This carrot cake? So you hate us. I mean, I’m gon’ eat it, but it’s nasty.”
Yes, Kelli. Carrot cake is not something you eat at a celebration. You probably shouldn’t eat carrot cake anywhere. The same goes for German chocolate cake (the cake itself is fine, but that coconut frosting/icing goop? Disgusting)

Dro leaves the table and Molly decides to follow him. Molly is feeling lost and conflicted and that slithering slimeball charms her or whatever. The next thing we see is his butt crack and them having sex in the bathroom.
Molly kept saying that she was almost there, so after she arrived, Dro is heading to the table and suggested that she wait a few minutes before coming back. Molly looks confused like she doesn’t know what this is.

Much thanks to The Swingers Anonymous episode of the Inner Hoe Uprising Podcast for providing an example of an open relationship. That confirmed what we have all suspected for a while – He is a liar and a cheater and doesn’t value Molly’s friendship at all.

Molly steps out of the bathroom and finds Issa standing there. Issa adjusts her clothes and helps to fix her hair. Molly tears the tag off Issa’s dress. I guess that means Molly is going to pay for that dress?

Lawrence and Aparna are in the car driving to wherever. She asks Lawrence if he’s ok and says they can still get drinks.
Why are Lawrence and Aparna kissing? Y’all need to chill.

Molly is on a street corner calling her mother, asking why she stayed. Her mother said she stayed because she just loved him. She says something about feeling more special than feeling hurt. I don’t know what that means, but ok.

Molly is at home wondering why she did what she did when Dro texts and says he will be in town next Thursday. Thankfully, Molly says she can’t do this anymore.

Issa arrives home to a rental increase notice attached to her door.
She looks up at the burnt ceiling and then goes on a rampage destroying her own things.

I disinterestedly watched that destructive scene . My only comment is: Why destroy your own stuff? Why?
I have only thrown things in a rage maybe twice in my life – once in Jr High and the other time in High school. Either way, I was a teenager. Issa here is grown adult.

So, who is going to clean that up?

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