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Welcome back to the summary of sex show also known as the Season 2 Episode 6 Hella Blows recap of Insecure.
Let’s get right to it, but first I want to also thank my listeners in China. I somehow left them off the list last episode.

Now we can can get this started.

The episode opens with Issa semi successfully dressing herself so that she can move her car to the other side of the street.
A neighbor dude, incorrectly assuming Issa is without sight, states, “Hey, your bumper’s about to fall.”
Like, did he think that she DIDN’T hear the horrible crying sound her car was making as she moved it?

Back during my great road trip of 2009 I parked my car on the street overnight in Culver City, California. I didn’t pay attention to the signs and so I may or may not have an outstanding ticket in California. Why do they need clean streets anyway?

Issa is on a bus looking pissed. I thought it was because she was riding the bus, but maybe that’s not the whole of it.
Why is she and the dude at the front of the bus scowling and rolling eyes at each other?
Dang, what did I miss? Where is this hostility coming from?? Is he a potential Tinder bae gone wrong?

Issa is sitting on the couch sulking when she receives an email from Tiffany informing her of the Sexplosion event.
Issa says she could use an Sexplosion.

Issa notices that Eddie’s light is on and decides he can be tonight’s ho recipient.

Young Eddie opens the door blocking Issa’s ability to get inside. We all know what that means. His to-do list is full and Issa isn’t an item on that list.
Now Issa is in her head yelling into the mirror, but none of this is his fault.
On a positive note, at least she knows how to maintain a cool exterior when being rightfully rejected.

Here is a PSA: never ever, EVER show up unannounced if you like holding on to your feelings and/or pride. Issa thought Eddie was at her beck and call, but found out that his life doesn’t revolve her hotation needs.

Molly’s at the office working late when Dro calls. The conversation is awkward and Molly is uncomfortable with the fact that they “had sex”. She uses her mother’s incoming call as an excuse to hang up with Dro, but she also ends up ignoring the call from her mother.

Issa is getting an estimate on the bumper and Molly is there talking about the Dro situation and says, “He was always there for me. I just don’t have another friend like that.” Issa takes offense, but you know what? Molly is probably right.

Molly is saying all of that stuff we say when we pretend like it’s over. “I’m gonna tell him we should just be homies.” We all want to believe her, but we know it’s not true. Just look at how Issa is looking at her with wide eyes and that thinking face pose. She doesn’t believe that BS either.

When Molly said she was going to see the LA Wheelers, I briefly contemplated that she might be going to a hockey event, buuut the look on her face told me I was wrong. Oh well. I do know LA has..mmm…purple and gold colors? I don’t care enough to research this statement, so if I’m wrong I’m wrong. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person not in to sports.

The car estimate comes back at $5,500 and Issa says she doesn’t have that kind of money because she is poor. Don’t text while driving, kids.

On the way home, they are in a drive through when Issa states that she was just getting everything together.
During the 1st and 2nd watch of this scene I said “whut?” out loud both times.
She was like, “I was just getting everything under control” and I am over here like:

Who is getting everything under control!?
What exactly have you been getting under control?
When have you been working on getting things under control?
Where have you been doing this mystical control work? Has all of this been going down in some super secret special private place that we don’t know about?
Why do you think you have been getting things under control? Are the voices in your head lying to you??
And last, but certainly not least
How have you been getting things under control? Because I am here to tell you that you are just saying words that mean nothing. NADA!

Molly responds (showing us that she doesn’t live Issa struggle life) by saying, “Remember when I got that flat tire? I just paid for it and kept it moving, but..”

Issa isn’t really listening because she is upset that her hotation isn’t working out the way she wanted it to.
There’s that saying “pimping ain’t easy” and I assume that carries over in to the hoing world, too.

Molly meets Dro at the bar and they say a bunch of cute words. The next thing we see is them in bed.
Molly, you supposedly had an excuse the first time, but what is the excuse this time? There is no reason for this man to be inside anything of yours right now. He shouldn’t be in your mind, house, bed, or you. Stop doing this!

I am already agitated and we switch back to Issa dressed like she is about to audition for a hooker role in Pretty Woman.
Let’s get through this scene. Issa exposes her bra, exclaims that her skirt is too short, and turns on some music (amplified by a cup). When Nico attempts pleasantries she cuts him off with some wine and starts attacking him with her face. Nico thinks they should slow down and Issa wonders if something is physically wrong with him. No, he actually just likes her and wants to take it slow. I’m not going to cover the social dating expectations thing again since I mentioned that last week.

Back to Molly and Dro. So she did tell him that it was supposed to be a one time thing, but somehow it’s turned in to a 4 time thing. And now Molly is asking how an open relationship works. Molly asks (a bit late) if Candice knows about all of this, and Dro *claims* that this was all Candice’s idea.
He says, “We could keep talking about this, or choose to be in it. What do you want?”
Molly kisses him, so I guess she chooses to be in it?

At the Sexplosion event we see women pole dancing.
I took one pole dance class years ago. My whole entire body went on strike for a week.

After the show I checked to see if Twitter was happy to see condom representation in this episode. The majority of people were please, but of course there are always the holdouts:
“Issa asking if the condoms free like she uses them.”
“Ohhh NOW Issa wants some condoms”
“Why Issa grabbing condoms like she gonna use em?”
“I’ma need for Issa to use one of those condoms that she picked up earlier.”

Molly is at the office reading about the women’s pay gap and still ignoring her mother’s phone calls. Molly, stop reading about it and just tell them you want a raise. You’re a lawyer, put together a compelling argument explaining why you deserve more that what you are currently receiving. It’s not that hard.

Molly and Dro decide to meet up at a hotel.
She is in the bathtub and Dro is washing her. Why not just get in the tub together and save water and time?
Why is Dro’s phone in the bathroom? He must have known Candice was coming home and he didn’t want to miss her message.
Hey Molly, you see how he abruptly cut off the pleasure when his wife needed him? Hmm?

Dro says he has to leave, but he tells Molly to stay since dinner is on the way and the room is paid for.
Ok Tasha 2.0. Is this really what you want? Dro is Lawrence and you gonna be his Tasha? Except, Dro isn’t single and rebounding, but you are over here thinking you are going to build some sort of a relationship with someone else’s man?

While Issa and Molly are STILL on this penis-go-round,
Lawrence is finally presenting his app “Woot Woot” to his bosses. When he’s finished they compliment him on his presentation and asked him about his shoes.
Lawrence seeks out Aparna to get feedback on what his next steps should be with the app. She told him that she didn’t think his app was viable because it feels outdated.
He brushes off her experienced critique because it’s not what he wants to hear. She TOLD HIM what actually happens when the bosses like a good idea because she has seen many pitches before. Ok, cocky Lawrence. I wanted to see you get your app out there, but never mind.

Lawrence goes back to the bosses to fish for more feedback, but they have nothing for him. They love having his “perspective and energy” and they can’t wait for Lawrence 2.0.

On a side note, one of the VPs in my office has a standing desk. I really need to find out how I can get one.

Lawrence goes back to Aparna and tells her she was right. (duh) He points out that the bosses have a problem with critiquing the black guy, and Aparna says that they also have a problem with women. The two continue their conversation by discussing their failed app ideas. His is woot woot and her Drive-by.

During the conversation Aparna says something really important, “Sometimes saying goodbye means you’re making room for something better.”
You know, like saying goodbye to an app that’s no longer viable or maybe an Issa who isn’t emotionally mature or responsible.

Lawrence accepts the app rejection and is ready to work on Lawrence 2.0 and she says she is at Aparna 6.7. I loved their playful sparing about their failed apps.

I’m wondering why are Lawrence’s scenes so light and brightly lit while a lot of Issa’s scenes are dark and heavy. I think I might be #LawrenceHive simply because of the lighting. This show is trying to manipulate my emotions.

Back to the Issa-go-round
Issa and Daniel are together and I guess the tutorial paid off because Daniel enjoyed himself. Buut now I can’t be mad at twitter because Issa didn’t use a condom and ended up with a protein eye mask. I hope she doesn’t end up with eye herpes. I saw that Issa Rae said that this joke ended up being ironic. Ha!

Issa is always making bad decisions and then getting mad at the OTHER person when the outcome isn’t what she expected. Daniel rang the alarm saying “warning! warning!” but Issa stomps off in a strange fit of rage because she thought she was in control. These adult temper tantrums are quite annoying.
She’s just mad that she has lost control of her life and hopefully she is learning that you can’t control other people.

She’s out on the corner with a paper towel to her eye when the car pool stops to pick her up. “Is-sa carpool” and I have questions for everyone inside regarding the initial music selection, the requested music, and one rider’s satisfaction upon hearing the requested music.
I really hope Issa thought about her life choices during that ride home.

I know I have to let the writers tell the story the way they see it, but as a consumer of the story I am not satisfied. I don’t need all of the sex scenes. It’s a 30 minute show with the majority of it revolving around finding and/or having sex. I hope that season 3 finds a new focus and that we see a lot less sex and get a lot more words.

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