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Welcome back to another week of of summarized Insecure nonsense. But first, I would like to thank you guys for asking me to do these recaps. At first I was hesitant because I didn’t really see this as my lane. (This is why there is no episode 1 recap.) However, I accepted the challenge and I’ve had fun analyzing these characters and their situations.

For those of you in Italy, Danmark, Kenya, Brazil, Australia, Uganda, and Somalia (and of course everyone across the US), THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

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Ok, let’s get to it.

The Season 2 Episode 5 – Hella Shook recap is broken up into 3 sections titled:
– Issa – Money, Men, and Mayhem
– Molly – Friends, Family, and Folly
– Lawrence – Reality, Realization, and Regret

Issa: Money, Men, and Mayhem
Issa is low on gas and is pumping it with care to make sure she doesn’t go over $10. I have been there. I know this life. I didn’t give her destination any thought until she knocked on a door and announced herself with a corny line about a package for his package. Dude is playing around like he doesn’t know who she is. And when the door opens…It’s Dirty Daniel. Initially I was like “ugh!” Because I don’t like the Daniel situation, but the actor playing Daniel is chocolate, has a beard, and a nice smile so…I am all kinds of conflicted during this scene.

Ok, I’ve Gotta focus…
So Dirty D opens the door and these two start kissing. 🙄 I guess Issa decided that the sample D was good enough to go back and purchase a meal.

North Star is Back! (It’s actually titled Due North but I like North Star better.)
Ninny is crying because Massa let Nessa shave him
He responds with, “She only trimmed the tree. I’ll let you tend the bush.”
I really may have to reconsider my thoughts on Daniel because he called North Star stupid. LOL but everyone watches it.

Daniel is going to get Pastrami tacos and that simply sounds like something I never plan to eat.

At some point later, Issa and Molly are working on bouquets when Molly mentions that she found a place for her and Issa to stay in Morocco. Issa again points out that she is broke.

Why is Issa always broke?

Issa is truly in a one to many type of query state right now.
Issa meeting her newest Tinder date, Nico and has her expected internal conversation hyping herself up; but this time it’s more of a chant than a rap.
She meets up with Nico and they talk for hours. At the end of the evening, Issa pretends she is going to pay and Nico calls her out for pretending.

Why pretend you’re going to pay if you 100% don’t plan on paying?

He says it’s midnight and he has to get up early. She is disappointed that she isn’t going to add him to her “hotation”.

Not everyone in the online dating world is looking for a one night stand. Issa probably needs to update her profile to be a little clearer. She should let guys know she is simply looking to sample.

At the We Got Y’all office (which, by the way, is an actual website: https://wegotyall.com/). Go there and learn more about Issa’s coworkers.

Joanne, aka Boss Lady, is letting everyone know that the Director of Student Outreach position is out there and available. I like that they are working with the Inner city arts organization.
For whatever insane reason, Issa thinks all is cool with Frieda, but Frieda isn’t interested in playing Issa’s games.

Racism conversation: Black people can be racist.

At the WGY Retreat there is a taco bar with room temperature sour cream and a table surrounded by sad faces.
Joanne is saying that they need to practice how they listen to student challenges and Issa is obviously not listening because she picks up her phone and texts Daniel instead.

Issa must not want to be the new Director of Student Outreach because she ain’t paying any kind of attention to what is going on. Does she actually care about her job? Does she care about anything that is not attached to a penis?

Frieda mentions about how adults have a hard time with being honest with themselves. Ehh? Hmm? Yeah, I agree. I think she is talking about Issa.

I told y’all Frieda isn’t playing with Issa. She chooses to work with Patricia on the partner assignment.

Oh Patricia. ☺️ Patricia is my dark heart. She said, “Dreams aren’t meant to be achieved. That’s why they are called dreams. Otherwise, they’d be called reality, so…”

Issa is bothered by Frieda’s behavior and decides to call her brother. The scene is weird. She knows she was wrong; that’s why she called him. She wanted him to agree with her. But instead he is confirming that she isn’t always right. I have been thinking about this and we haven’t seen a lot of self reflection from Issa this season. She has mostly been living on the surface and doing things at face value. She is in her “hotation” and she appears to be check out of her job situation in that we see zero enthusiasm regarding moving up in the company. Is she depressed?

Question: Why is Issa pulling up her shirt in the MIDDLE of the bathroom when there are plenty of stalls behind her?

Later in the episode Issa decided texting while driving was a good idea, and when that dick pic comes through she rams into the back of the car in front of her.
Issa calls to cancel on Daniel and tells him about the accident, but leaves out the part about how she was looking at other peen.
He comes to pick her up and hugs her (I guess a little too long or too tenderly?) She tells him that she’s not looking for a relationship. He claims that’s cool.

Thoughts on Issa being broke. Is it because she works for a non profit? She probably could get more money if she got that Director job, but she is too busy trying to collect more men.
She should be thinking about about how to collect more dollars.

Molly: Friends, Family, and Folly
Molly is in Chicago talking to Quinten and admits that she keeps Solange’s album on repeat in the car.

Side note: I got to see Solange at Radio City Music Hall along with Dave Chappelle this week. mmm…that may or may not be why this recap is coming out later than normal. LOL

Q asks if she has mentioned the pay difference and suggests that she consider leaving.
Molly says she can’t because of the time she has invested.

😒 Girl, if you don’t get on away from here with that. I don’t know anything about lawyer career paths, but I do know you shouldn’t stay if you aren’t happy or if you feel undervalued.

Quinten asks her to bring him some fried chicken the next time she comes to Chicago and Molly responds with, “So that I can be the black girl on the plane with chicken? Nope.”
Is a stranger’s perception of you more important than doing a kind thing for someone you actually know?

Quinten says he is “slim thick” and he has a pastor’s body. I like their interactions.

Back in LA, Molly is making bouquets with Issa and mentions Birds of Paradise and that reminds me of Fran. 🙂

Outside Molly’s parent’s house, Dro approaches Molly and asks if she was ever interested in him. She says yes but then she pointed out that he is married now. I’s married now!

We finally get to meet Molly’s family. Her mama is saving for Molly’s wedding and her father is in no rush to see her married off.
We also meet Curtis and “ugly” Jerome. Not sure of the relationship. Brother? Cousin? I need Insecure to do better at introducing new characters. So, Jerome is Molly’s brother? Then who is Curtis? I am so confused by Molly’s family. Or, are they both her brothers?

Well, look at who is back! Lionel has been invited to a family function. We just saw this with Tasha and now we get to see Molly do the same thing. Look at Molly speaking Spanish. And poor Lionel comes with his “hola” and then proceeds to mark his territory by putting his arm around Molly while she is talking to extra tall Dro.

Candace (Dro’s wife we met that one time but haven’t seen since) is missing again. This time she’s in Cabo. There is something strange about her never being around…🤔

At the ceremony, Great aunt Janice, aunt Kiki, and cousin Mary spill the beans, and now Molly knows there was some strife in her parent’s life.

Molly goes off the deep end questioning the family about her father’s infidelity. Molly asked “why would you stay??” I don’t think I mentioned this last episode, but I did write it in the Hella LA blog post. I wrote about how Molly’s parents probably did have problems, but Molly just didn’t know about it.
She put them on a pedestal they never asked to be on.

I thought she overreacted when she ran off (leaving Lionel to find his own way home) to have an overly dramatized temper tantrum. And that opportunist Dro was right there ushering her into the car, driving her home.

So all of y’all who were mad at Lawrence for running away from Tasha’s family event have to be mad at Molly, too. She ran off AND had sex with another woman’s husband.
Did Lionel deserve that? Did he? Why is it always the supposedly good people that get left behind and the dirtbags get all of the glory. (Yeah, I don’t know that Dro is actually a dirtbag, but since I don’t have deeper insight into what’s going on in his life, I’m leaning towards him being a scoundrel.)

Lawrence: Reality, Realization, and Regret
Lawrence is out running with his coworkers (this reminds me of my LA cousin posting pictures of her riding bikes with her coworkers.) Anyway, he tells them he has jury duty and is going to miss Colin and Brooke pitching his app. Hmm…🤔 what is going to happen here? Will they mess it up? Will they take credit for his work?

Lawrence is at jury duty being bored when Derek texts to ask if he is free on the 15th for his birthday (mmm sounds like he and Issa have a date to meet up on the 15th.) Will they each bring dates?

Lawrence goes back to scrolling through what appears to be Facebook and comes across a posts from Kelli who is, as usual, is being loud and outrageous talking about eating peppers.

What is this show’s obsession with peppers and poppers?

Lawrence watches her video, questions her sanity, and scrolls on. I’m glad to see he thinks she is weird. He scrolls on and spots a picture of Issa with Daniel.

In this obviously fictitious courtroom, Lawrence is ignoring everything and Juror #9 thought she was going to get out of serving because of her Black lives matter t-shirt reveal, but the judge was like “nah.”

Lawrence is over here scrolling through Daniel’s page. (I didn’t know guys did that, too.)
He is so caught up in researching Daniel that he doesn’t hear that he has been dismissed from Jury duty. I wonder what made him so unsuitable. Is it that they never saw his eyes because they were glued to his phone?

Can I just say that this court house is way more lenient than what I experienced in Atlanta?! We couldn’t use our phones, read books, or sleep. We had to sit there in silence for hours on end waiting to be questioned for suitability. Ultimately I was dismissed. But unlike Lawrence I had a good reason: I was in art school at the time.

Lawrence and Derek are at a nice little bar. Derek gives Lawrence a reality check about his relationship AND maybe gave us some insight as to what happened between him and Tiffany. Derek reminded him that what happened isn’t all on Issa and that he has to take responsibility for his part in her stepping out. Do you think Tiffany did the same with him? Did he live in the hotel for a year because she cheated?? Or, did HE cheat? I have so many questions! I wonder if we will ever hear those details. I just had a thought! Maybe everything will come to a head at the party! I can’t wait to see what happens.

Later we see Lawrence sitting in his sparsely furnished apartment. Quite honestly, I think he has the most important thing set up – a place to sit, his computer, and his internet connection. Oh Lawrence. Next time maybe you won’t make rush decisions when your partner messes up.
See the difference between you and Issa and Molly’s parents?

Now, if only someone could bring Molly back to reality and slap some sense into Issa. What is WRONG with these people?! Why are they all so insufferable? I need for someone to make at LEAST one thoughtful and/or good decisions before this season ends.

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