CSL: Shareef Jackson Makes Math Look Good – S4 Ep1

Chocolate Starved Lives is back in just time to kick off Black History Month with a super duper Other People’s Podcast/Chocolate Star of the Week episode featuring my guest (and chocolate star) Shareef Jackson.

How did Danielle and Shareef meet?
Back in the olden days of podcasting, Blacking It Up (now known as This Week in Blackness), was hosted by Elon, Bassey, and Aaron. The show was streamed live and listeners were able to engage with the hosts real time through the chatroom. It was this chatroom that introduced me to many new people in the online world, one of whom is Shareef.

*Show Notes*
Intro: Weird News
A trolling promise
Google knows this Shareef is NOT Ice Cube’s son
The Neil Degrasse Tyson picture pose predicament
The NASA Social “Space Bowl” event in Houston, TX
Podcast pet peeves from a listener and creative standpoint
Live and in person: Blogging While Brown 2013-ish
Other Conference recommendations
Where exactly is Texas?
Shareef’s transition from corporate to self employment
  – Math Looks Good, LLC
Other People’s Podcast: The future of Operation Cubicle
Gaming Podcast: Spawn on Me (Focused on diversity in gaming)
Gaming Youtube series: Gaming Looks Good
Shareef’s surprises Danielle (hint: It’s Black Cop related)
The cookie beef is rehashed
Black History Month Events for Philly and Milwaukee
Danielle is the cutest version of a troll. AKA a ‘trolini’.
Twitter: @ShareefJackson
Instagram: mathlooksgood
Sending your feedback by email to Danielle@frizzyfro.com or tweet me @FrizzyFroPod.

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