CSL: Feet Keep on Passing Me By featuring @Blame_Marcus – S4 Ep2

Chocolate Starved Lives is back one more time for the 2017.

Danielle and Marcus (@Blame_Marcus) come together to have fun and discuss assorted topics including several weird news stories. Happy New Year!

0 – 2 min is preshow torment (also known as the warmup Marcus claimed he didn’t get)
3 – 14 min – Chocolate Shout Out to Soccer Mom Dana, “Marcus darling” reference, When twitter comes for you, Dear We Come From Queens, its all love. Twitter fame and loyalty (Marcus plans to hide his tweets and Danielle isn’t twitter loyal).
16 min – Let the Weird News Segment begin with the extended finger story
25 min – Weird News – When the doctor brands your liver
30 min – Weird News – The UnBeliberable Sex Doll
32 min – A news pause to millennial finance shame Marcus, and supposedly, Sallie Mae can get these hands on sight.
34 min – Weird News – Magical Mall Santa Rant
37 min – Weird News – Floating human feet are just the norm
43 min – Closing segment includes Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture had a Black Power exhibit (This episode is coming out after the exhibit closed. Oops. My bad.), Marcus’ new podcast Enter the Minds will debut on Jan 15, 2018

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Danielle: Instagram and Twitter @FrizzyFroPod
Marcus: Twitter @Blame_Marcus

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