Thoughts Out Loud #14 – Might See TV Fall Season

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This is going to be a quick rundown of the current and upcoming TV entertainment I plan to watch or avoid this fall. I won’t be able to watch everything real time, but what ever I do watch real time, I will be tweeting so make sure you’re following me to join along in the conversation.

Here’s what I am watching or recently watched:
Insecure (HBO) Premiered on July 23, 2017 with 8 episodes. We will see you next summer for Season 3.
Outlander (Starz) Episode 3 just posted. I am familiar with the story because I read the books. Seeing the visual representation of those words is truly a pleasure for me. I also love that the author of the book series Diana Gabaldon is signed on as a consultant.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix) I recently decided to watch this show because I saw a gif (yes, a gif) of Tituss Burgess (why does his name have so many s(s) in it? Anyway, he was dressed like Beyonce in Lemonade. I have finished season 2 and I’m going to start season 3 soon.
Younger (TVLand) just wrapped season 4 with an episode titled “The Irish Goodbye”. I enjoy watching Younger, but the season finale was weak. Maybe it was weak because I’d already guessed what was going to happen. With that said, I do appreciate that the series diversified the background non-speaking actors as well as giving more people of color speaking roles. Zane, played by Charles Michael Davis, has a smile that makes me smile even when he’s being devious.
Neo Yokio (Netflix) Premiered this week with 6 episodes. I watched it because of Desus and Mero, but I enjoyed the season it because it’s freaking funny. Now, there are may people out there calling it “god awful” and want to talk about the technical merits of the show. Look, all I know is that it was produced by Japanese anime studios, so I’m not sure how much more authentic you can get when it comes to drawing anime. But whatever. There will always be haters for all forms of art. Those people don’t deserve a big Toblerone. I, however, do and I request that my big Toblerone be dark chocolate.
Fuller House (Netflix) is in its 3rd season and I have watched each season. The first 2 seasons had 13 episodes, but the 3rd season only has 9. Where are the other 4 episodes? Did this have something to do with Jodie Sweetin’s injury. (I took a moment to look up what happened. According to an article on Cinemablend.com. Jodie’s injury had to be written in to the script. I noticed it during the 1st episode, so it was good to see that they wrote it in for the 2nd episode instead of trying to hide it. And, after a little more investigation, Romper.com says the season has 18 episodes with only half of them released so far. This is the 30th anniversary for the series premiere of Full House and there is no release date set for the other 9 episodes. Look at what a little research will do for you. Now I have something to look forward to.
Cable Girls (Netflix) is a Spanish Period Drama (which means that I read the subtitles because the English dub is horrible). I tried the dub, but I couldn’t take it. The show first aired on April 28th with 8 episodes and I really, really want to know when the remainder of the season will come out. All of this waiting is torturous.

Fall TV lineup of shows I will be watching
Big Bang Theory (CBS) Mon Sept 25
This Is Us (NBC) Sept 26
Will & Grace (NBC) Sept 28
Blackish (ABC) Oct 3
Jane the Virgin (The CW) Oct 13
Real Housewives of Atlanta (Bravo) Nov 5
Chopped: Alton’s Challenge (Food Network) Oct 10

Shows on my radar, but I am behind on watching
Fresh off the Boat (ABC) Oct 3
Queen Sugar (OWN) Oct 3

Shows I might watch if I have nothing else to do
Young Sheldon (CBS)
The Voice (NBC) Jennifer Hudson will be a judge

I realized that I don’t have a lot of reality TV shows on the list, so I asked Google for some help. I shouldn’t have because now I know there’s show premiering on MTV called 90s House. My curiosity got the best of me and I headed over to MTV to see what it’s all about. I’m going to read the about the show section straight from the website

90’s House is a competition show that places 12 millennial housemates in a 90’s inspired house and forces the young adults to officially unplug their modern-day devices and party like it’s 1990. With only the technology, catch phrases and fashion from that decade, each episode opponents will face elimination by competing in various 90’s themed challenges. The raddest contestant will win $90K, a Mazda Miata and tickets for two on board the Ship-Hop I Love the 90’s Cruise.

I was STILL curious, so I watched the sneak peek clip. My one comment: These kids look like they are playing dress up. They aren’t owning the style. Ugh. But for those of you interested, the show premieres on Sept 26 on MTV. Good Luck

A show that’s season is already in progress, but I plan on catching up
Project Runway Season 16 is focusing on plus size women. The models range from size 0 to 22 and I want to see how the designers succeed and/or fail with a full season of different body shapes. Thank you, Tim Gunn! I am learning to sew and it’s not easy. I have actually grown quite frustrated with my lack of ability, but I’m going to keep trying.

Shows I won’t be watching
Anything with an CIS or ICS also known as crime shows
Empire – I stopped watching after Season 2 Episode 1
Dancing with the Stars – I stopped watching when they announced Paula Deen was a contestant
Superior Donuts – I decided that it wasn’t my kind of show when I saw the commercials for the 1st season.

What will you be watching this season?

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Thoughts Out Loud #13 – Insecure S2E8 Hella Perspective Recap

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Welcome back! The season finale is upon us, and I’m glad Issa, Lawrence, Molly, Kelli, Tiffany, and crew could get away before full on Pumpkin Spice season starts. As an FYI, I don’t care how you spice a pumpkin because it’s always going to be disgusting.

Don’t forget to check out the season finale episode of #Insecuritea the official recap podcast hosted by Fran of The Friend Zone podcast and Crissle of The Read podcast.

I have decided on my own theme song for this season of Insecure and it’s Hopeless by Dionne Farris. Not familiar with the song? I have embedded the video in the blog post for your reference.

I love that this episode is titled Hella Perspective because we are see things from many sides (not all sides, but many).

We don’t get to see Dro, Candace, or Tiffany’s perspectives. I’m hoping season 3 will give these and more.

The interesting thing about this episode is that it’s broken down by character, which is the way I actually like to do these recaps. If you happen to go back and listen, you’ll see that I sometimes shuffle the story around just to tell each character’s story as a whole. The scene transitions were really good. Did you notice them? If not, go back and watch the show again.

The show starts with Issa noticing the changes in her neighborhood. Old familiar stores are closing and hipsters are moving in with their spiced coffees and lumber jack clothing choices. Her beloved neighborhood, Inglewood, is being converted to I’wood. I’m not a Philadelphia native, but they know all about neighborhood name changes and gentrification. University City has it’s own name and boundaries outside of West Philadelphia., and then there’s the gentrification saga that happened in the Point Breeze/”Newbold” neighborhood.

From here the story takes turns showing us what Molly, Issa, and Lawrence have been doing for the last 30 days. The 30 days starts with everyone at the same marathon event.

30 days with Lawrence
For whatever reason, Lawrence is still doing outdoor physical activity with his coworkers.

And it looks like he is doing inside physical activities with Aparna, in the kitchen, where there is food on the counter and a hot stove.

It’s good to see Lawrence coming out of his depressed state especially if that means he’s going to be cooking good food. I’ll take some of that salmon spinach thingy.

Lawrence is ready to come up with his next idea, but Aparna says maybe he should work with Collin on a project that’s already in progress to gain perspective on what he might change for future projects. It’s good to see him open up to new options.

On some other day, Lawrence and Aparna are having dinner at a restaurant. Lawrence is going to buy stupid speakers so that he can listen to SportsCenter in the shower. I can’t believe listening to SportsCenter means more to a man than sitting on a comfortable couch. Actually, I can believe it. I just don’t understand it.

Woot Woot! Lawrence is back in the saddle. He joined Colin’s Saddle project at work and Aparna knows all of the details because she has been canoodling with Colin. Lawrence knows she’s had sex with Colin once, but didn’t realize that it was an ongoing convenient drunken sex thing. Why is he looking like a lost puppy? 😂

Lawrence glances to the side and sees Molly and Quentin walk into the restaurant.

Back at the office…wait. Before we go on, someone is walking around Lawrence’s office with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. I want this kind of life (except, the cookies should be individually wrapped because people are nasty.) Here is an example of the transitions I was talking about. They were at the restaurant and Lawrence was like “Do you want dessert?” and then the scene switches to a plate of cookies passing his desk.

Anyway, back to the story… The cookies distract Lawrence from doing his work and he sees Aparna laughing at Collin’s super random piglet story. I know many people are going to say this is why you don’t date in the office, but I have seen many, many success stories from coworkers dating and getting married.

Lawrence is still struggling with being cheated on, so his trust tolerance is probably pretty low.

The living room has folding chairs, but yet Lawrence has Derek and Chad setting up a flat screen tv.

Lawrence is snapping at them like his blood sugar is low. Did you see when he told them to use both hands and Chad aggressively added his other hand and stared at him like, “you happy now?”

Chad asked if Lawrence planted a stick. And indeed the flower pot is holding two leaning stalks of the plant Aparna gave him the day she visited. Ohhh but why is his work bag sitting in the flower pot?! I guess she hasn’t been back since then because that plant is deceased.

Lawrence mentions they can watch the sports, but all Chad wants is wings and to watch Due North. Lawrence teases him about how much he loves watching the show. Men love drama just as much as women. I don’t know why they pretend like they don’t.

Chad asks how “Jasmine” is doing. The funny part is that I was watching Jay Ellis’ IG stories before the finale and he mentioned that Jasmine is the real name of the actress playing Aparna. So I immediately caught that when Chad said it. Nice touch.

Lawrence mentions that he has to work with her ex. Chad is telling him to put his foot down and let her know her place. Derek says Tiffany had a dude at her job named Fred. Unlike what Chad suggested, Derek went to Fred, and now Fred is now gone. Where? Who knows, but he is now gone.

I just want to remind guys that if you have a Chad-like friend in your life, please do not take any of his advice unless your goal want to remain single.

These 3 knuckleheads settle down to watch Due North, and guess what? They hung the tv all crooked.

Lawrence and Aparna are on the way to the movies. He is trying to have a conversation with her but she is more interested in the things happening in her phone. (hmm…kinda like that time Tasha was interested in talking about tv shows and Lawrence was only interested in what was happening between her thighs.) 🤷🏾

I feel like I am in a hamster wheel because once again I want to know: Are they exclusive? Did they have the relationship discussion?

Jealous Lawrence brings up Colin again and gets into an argument with Aparna. While they are arguing, Issa calls.

Lawrence’s 30 days ends with him standing outside of The Dunes wearing what Twitter calls his Carl Thomas sweater. He did take a deep breath like he was going to sing “I wish” but instead he simply entered The Dunes

Question: Why do LA apartments look like North Carolina motels from the 1950s/60s?

30 days with Molly
Rewinding back to the marathon.

Molly and Issa are half-heartily clapping for the runners they don’t know while waiting for Kelli to run by.

Molly mentions that Quentin is coming to town and she is trying to keep it casual. She likes him, but he’s not her type. What is your type Molly? Married men you can never fully have as your own? hmm?

Tiffany and Derek show up. Tiffany says they are late and Derek says there’s a good reason why. (I was curious about this line, but It’s probably because Tiffany hasn’t told them she’s pregnant!)

(yes, I will be looking at all things Tiffany and Derek to see if I can figure out what’s going on with these two.) Twitter has already posited that Tiffany slept with Fred and now she’s pregnant with his child. I don’t know about all of that, but we still don’t have full details into why Derek was staying in a hotel.

Molly is interviewing for other jobs! When it comes to her job, Molly is great on paper AND is impressive in person. Now, if only we could fix the “life” part of the whole “work-life balance” equation.

She was offered the job at Hayward and she is going to go on more interviews to see is she can collect a few more offers before going back to her bosses. Molly is a smart woman when it comes to her job. I have seen this strategy work successfully for some and unsuccessfully for others who grossly misjudged their worth at that particular company. How will that play out for Molly?

Quentin’s in town and they are at a restaurant cracking jokes about her bosses cutting the check. Their frequent use of the word ‘check’ causes this waitress to ask them if they are ready for the check, but…they haven’t even ordered yet!

Molly sees Lawrence across the room and when Quentin asked what’s wrong, she says she saw a guy she used to know. USED TO KNOW? You still know him. You had dinner with him just a few days/weeks ago.

Quentin compliments Molly and suggests they get dinner the next time she is in Chicago. She is so noncommittal with the “I guess” and she calls him homie.

Fellas, if you don’t already know this, when a woman calls you “homie” she’s not interested. NOT. INTERESTED.

**clapping** We are back in the beautiful therapy office talking to Dr Rhonda. Molly is giving her the rundown on what happened with Quentin. The doctor tells her to focus on what she could have vs should have.

Molly is willingly scheduling her next appointment when Dastardly Dro pops up with an “I miss you” text. So…did she tell Dr Rhonda about Dro? Did she? Probably not. She probably only talked about the sanitized version of her life.

I have to say, Molly gave that whole “could” thing a that a try when she had sex with Quentin.

Molly and Kelli are at Issa’s place. (Which, by the way, is clean like she never had a tantrum.)
Tiffany texts that she can’t make it. Why couldn’t she make it? What mischief is she up to?

The women watch Due North.

Molly is having a follow-up meeting with her bosses and they know she’s been interviewing. These men preferred to give her an unpaid Rising Star piece of paper and prominent website picture than give her the money she asked for. Congratulations! They all looks so very pleased.

I’m thinking her strategy of stacking offers probably isn’t going to work considering they know she is interviewing and this was their opportunity to give her money to keep her.

Molly’s 30 days end in someone’s bed. Her bed? A hotel bed? There’s a suit and tie on the floor, so I’m assuming she’s with Quentin. Either way, whoever he is, he “plays too much.” Issa calls and Molly sits up and says “What happened?”

30 days with Issa
One last rewind to the marathon

The group is walking up to Kelli and Tiffany says, “these people smell so bad. My nose is so sensitive.”

Kelli had to stop running because she got her period.
Tiffany: Well that makes one of us.

Kelli is giving theee most descriptive summary of what happened to her white outfit. Tiffany and Derek look truly tortured by her red wedding words.

Issa and Molly find out Tiffany is pregnant. To soothe their feelings Tiffany is going to allow them to give her a baby shower (with her suggestions). Thanks to Issa’s party they are having a weed baby. aww

Issa sees Lawrence hugging and kissing on Aparna.

Tiffany is discussing how everyone in the group is doing great things.

Kelli is getting Fit
Molly has interviews
Issa has…uh…well, Issa….she can’t remember the great thing Issa has done. I mean, I was sitting there waiting for it to. I thought maybe Issa’d done something in the 7 days since the show last aired.

Shady Tiffany and Kelli keep guessing until Issa blurts out she is moving.

At the We got Y’all office. Issa set up a segregated weekend session and got into big trouble with Joanne. We all knew that was a bad idea, Issa. You should have been listening to the internet. We told you.

Joanne gave Frieda the new Director of Student Outreach position. So, why is Issa the only one clapping?

Ken says he is MORE more capable than Frieda.

Everyone is watching Due North.

“Isaac done killed Cristine ‘cause she was having relations with Ms Lydia.”
“When Ninny told me the poison didn’t work I did what I had to do!”
“I hate slavery!”

During all of this yelling two of the slaves simply walk out the door. They did the equivalent of dropping a smoke pellet and disappearing.

Kelli says “You see? you mind your business, you get free.”

The show is over and Issa wants them to help her pack. Kelli reminds her that she has nowhere to go.

Issa, putting on a fake front, says she wants to live by herself. Kelli, who keeps the truth ready and available, yells “Bitch where?! You ain’t got no money!” While the Kelli character is a little too out there for me, I do appreciate that she is direct. There is no guessing when it comes to her thoughts and opinions.

Issa is having a yard sale and her extra annoying brother Amhal is there.

ThugYoda wants to buy the Brock-pot so that he can make baulliflower soup for his daughter, but all he has is $5 and an EBT bard.

Young neighbor dude, Eddie has a little friend who just plops down on Issa’s couch.

Eddie is sorry to hear that Issa and her wi-fi are moving out. Young Eddie’s girl asks Issa how much she wants for the couch.

I don’t know what Issa told that young woman, but she didn’t sell the couch and decided to call Lawrence to see if he wanted it. (This is when Lawrence was too busy arguing with Aparna to answer her call.)

Issa is in the car with her brother and he is giving her the rules. I think it’s good to have rules. You should know exactly what you are getting in to before you decide to stay somewhere.

I have 2 half-brothers I have only met once, so I’m not sure of Amhal’s negative attitude is normal for siblings or not. He drops her off so that she can turn in her keys. You have 10 minutes, Issa. tick tock.

Issa walks into the apartment and finds Lawrence there waiting for her.

They have this whole scene of apologies and love. There’s no need for me to talk about that. I’m just glad they were spoken in a calm and reasonable manner.

Lawrence says goodbye and Issa has a dream sequence. When he proposed I was like WHAT?! But I relaxed as soon I realized what was happening.

The marriage, the pregnancy, and the baby scenes touched my heart way more than the apologetic words they spoke in quote unquote “real life”.

Issa’s phone rings and it’s her hateful brother telling her that her time’s been up.

I want to say that this is where the concurrent 30day story telling ends. If that’s true, then when Molly answered the phone at the end of her 30days, Issa was probably calling to tell her that she talked to Lawrence. I know there were a few questions about that on Twitter, so this is my guess.

Molly is a really good friend to Issa. She sets up a Moroccan evening with authentic food and clothing. And, they will be eating with no forks. Issa is not pleased with the fork situation. I wouldn’t be pleased either. Fingers may have been the first eating utensils, but we have evolved. I require forks, knives, and spoons. At the very least give me a paper towel. Thanks.

The next morning Issa leaves Molly’s apartment to head to her next destination.

Now we have real-time concurrent story telling. (I’m sure professional tv people/writers have better words to describe this, but whatever. Writing and story telling isn’t what I do for a living.)

Both Molly and Issa receive phone notification: A stranger person makes Molly smile and Issa smiles at Lawrence’s friend request.

Molly is at home picking out skimpy attire for someone, and as soon as I saw that elbow I knew it was Dastardly Dro. I am so tired of Molly. I AM TIRED OF MOLLY! I guess she decided that having a little piece of Dro is better than having 100% of Quentin. Or, she is planning on having both of them. I don’t think Quentin is going to be in to an open marriage the way Candice and Dro supposedly are. I look forward to seeing how this plays out in season 3. I don’t want season 3 to come back with her engaged to Quentin and still having Dro on the side. UGHHHH I feel like the writers would do this just to keep my blood pressure high.

Issa gets out of her ride share car and knocks on Daniel’s door. So…It looks like she is going to stay there and sleep on the couch. Let me queue up “Nobody’s Supposed to be Here” by Ms Deborah Cox because…WHAT? It’s not for the love element of the song, but simply because she says “How did you get here? Nobody’s supposed to be here.” I would just change it up to say No Issa’s supposed to be here. The last time she talked to Daniel she was cursing him out and throwing her expensive phone like she didn’t have any sense. Seriously, how did we get here? When did they make up? Why is Daniel so forgiving? I really don’t see where this is going.

Season 2 is officially over.
So what do we know?
Molly is career smart and love stupid.
Issa is neither career smart or love smart (but she is trying).
Lawrence is just like Issa, but he has a better paying job that allows him to have TWO sleeping rooms while Issa has none.

I look forward to seeing what the writers come up with for season 3.

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Thoughts Out Loud #12 – Insecure S2E7 Hella Disrespectful Recap

I’m Danielle and you’re listening to Thoughts Out Loud on Frizzyfro.com.

Welcome back! This is the episode I have been waiting for! It’s dinner time and everyone is hella awkward.
As always, don’t forget to listen to the #Insecuritea official recap podcast hosted by Fran of The Friend Zone podcast and Crissle of The Read podcast.

So let’s dive right in to Season 2 Episode 7 – Hella Disrespectful.
Issa (at home) and Molly (in the hotel room) are on the phone talking about what happened between Issa and Daniel. Note: Molly’s sweater is nice.
Issa is talking about how she let Daniel embarrass her. Sigh
She claims she was trying to show him that he was special to her, but he just made her feel stupid.
I am at a loss here. I thought this was a hotation. When did Daniel become more than a penile provider? Why is she saying that she was trying to show how special he was to her?

People often say actions speak louder than words, but I want Issa to reconsider and start using her words more and actions less.

Molly says he was disrespectful thinking he could do all things pornhub related. (He wasn’t purposefully being disrespectful, but whatever.)
Issa thanks Molly for not judging her.
And since this is confessional time, Molly admits she has still been seeing Dro.
Unlike Issa’s sprayed eye embarrassment, I think this Dro situation is actually an issue.

Issa rightfully asks Molly what this Dromance means for her since she’s the chick on the side.

Issa gets on the bus and we see the dude from last episode avoiding eye contact. Thanks to the reminder recaps I realized that he is one of the We Got Y’all kids. Last week I thought he was one of her Tinder dates gone wrong. My bad. But can you blame me? uh?! can you???

The Boy child has his book bag in an unoccupied seat and Issa gave him the look that says, “I’m gonna need for you to move that so I can sit down”. She sits down and he pulls out his PSAT book. Issa gives him some horrible advice that makes him semi-smile, but then she tells him not to do that. Instead, she advises him to come to We Got Y’all sessions for tutoring. He tells her that Mr Kanye Gaines said the program was full.

Issa is at work and asks Frieda if they can talk. Frieda is like “I’m pretty busy with some computer stuff.” Dear Frieda, “computer stuff” isn’t an actual thing. Creating a pivot table in Excel is a real thing. Running a SQL query to analyze data is a real thing, but doing “computer stuff” nah. You have time for Issa.

Issa hands over her ideas on how to increase the enrollment of Latino students at the school and Frieda smiles in agreement.
Frieda asks where all of this is coming from and I am so very happy to hear Issa admit that she hasn’t been her normal self lately.

—Frieda is so warm and fuzzy. She really thought her “oh hey” was bitchy. She’s like me when I think I’m yelling and sounding angry, but I really just sound like a kitten meowing. rolls eyes

Molly is rolling around Chicago with her (in my mind) future baby daddy, Quentin and he is trying to get her to try a mix of buttery ranch and caramel crisp popcorn.
He wouldn’t have been able to convince me to try that. Not at all. Give me buttery. Give me caramel, but do NOT attempt to get me to eat ranch popcorn.
Ranch is a salad dressing flavor and that’s where it belongs – on a salad. And if you’re wondering, corn doesn’t belong in salads. Not boiled corn, grilled corn, or popped corn.

MMMMMM…This is an interesting conversation. Quinten is coming to LA in a few weeks and wants Molly to take him out and show him around. Yessss make it so, Molly.

Back in LA, Molly is with Despicable Dro and gives him the popcorn combo Quentin gave to her. Now THAT was disrespectful.
He asks if she got the invite to Derek’s birthday party. Molly confirms that she did and states Tiffany included a style guide. Despicable says that Tiffany expects for him and Candice to adhere to the color palette. At the mention of Candice, Molly may as well have responded with, “Oh? Your wife is coming? Why would you bring your wife to this event? I knew she was coming, but whyyyy?” Disgusting asks if she is ok. (Shut up Dro and go home to your wife.)

Unfortunately, he didn’t go home. But, he did say some sort of nonsense like “what we have is new, but we are still us”. What? What does that even mean?

Issa is at home when Tiffany texts asking if she is still coming to Derek’s birthday party. Issa confirms. Tiffany then texts that Lawrence will be there. This seems to be news to Issa so she texts Molly and asks if she knew. Of course Molly didn’t know! She would have told you, Issa.

Issa decides to look up Lawrence on The FB (a place I refuse to visit for my social media needs) and finds that she’s been blocked.
And now she’s in the mirror talking to herself and mad rapping about what Lawrence has done.
We being childish?
– Being childish is buying panties at the store and hiding out at your friend’s house because you are avoiding going home.
We just pointing and clickin’ and we not talking?
– That whole “we not talking” is something you should have considered before doing the dirty deed with Daniel.
You fixed your fingers to block me?
Like you Mutombo?
⁃ I had to Google Mutombo (who it seems is a basketball player that blocks things) but at least the reference makes sense now.
Like you don’t know me?
– Lawrence thought he knew you, but now he is questioning everything about you and the relationship y’all had.
Five years by your side and I’m just a button?
– Yeah, it was 5 years but, at least you didn’t let it get to the level of ”eleven years I’ve sacrificed”.
You want to push me?
You want to push me?

Molly finally had the money meeting with her bosses. Finally. Amen. Thank you.
The outcome isn’t what she wanted, but she let them know that she deserves more. Good Job.

Issa confronts Mr Kanye Gaines but he needs her to hurry because the, “pot pie gave half of the 9th grade food poisoning.”

Issa finally tells Mr Gaines that the program is meant to be inclusive. He doesn’t understand why she is complaining since her program is full and she is helping the kids. He accuses Issa of being All Lives Matter and jokes about no one being killed.

Let’s talk about Lawrence in his extra well lit office break room.

It seems Lawrence missed an EPIC corn maze due to his allergies. He mentions that he spent time hanging out at home.
Buuut Aparna already told them they went to the theater. And because Lawrence is a liar liar pants on fire, the other coworkers are asking if they are a “thing”. He then says no, we were just hanging out, and Aparna is like “yep. That’s what I said.”

Lawrence approaches Aparna to discuss what happened in the breakroom. She was like “it’s cool” and Lawrence takes the time to explain that he hasn’t been clear in the past and he didn’t want to rush in to anything or lead her astray. I can appreciate that. He is level setting expectations.

Lawrence and Aparna meet up in the stairwell and he wants to push drinks from 7pm to 10pm because of this “thing” that he forgot about. Aparna’s face looks like “well, why can’t I go.” And Lawrence mentions that his ex will be there. Aparna says they could try another night or she could go with him to the party if that’s easier. Lawrence stutters and says “sure”. Why Lawrence? Why didn’t you say let’s do it some other time? Why would you invite her into a situation that’s going to suck?

Issa is getting dressed for the party when Daniel calls. He wants to talk and apologize so they can move on.
So, why can’t Issa accept the apology? He is begging her to forgive him.
But then the line was spoken that supposedly turned Daniel into a horrible person, “ I guess we’re even now”. On Twitter the clacking on many keypresses was heard around the world. Women were livid and men were like “noooooooooooo”. I was like, “What’s the problem here? They are even. Get over it.” He didn’t do it on purpose and Issa has lost her mind. She called him disrespectful and petty. But nah.
And then, she threw down that expensive phone she knows she cannot afford to replace. If you’re going to throw your phone, make sure you aren’t throwing it at a hard surface.

This birthday party is so beautiful. Thank you to the set/production design team that created this setting.

So much was going on during the party. I’m going to call out a few things.

Tiffany calls the server Vince and he explains that his name is Vance like the word dance.

Let’s check the guest list…
Derek is there with Tiffany
Kelli is there with Sweetie (and she is going to mosque with his family)
Dro walks in with Candice
Issa is there with her brother.
Two stranger people (one of whom is named Tamika) are at the end of the table, but they are a couple.
Molly is there with…well..mmm Let’s see. It looks like she came with Dro’s favorite dress. I guess that’s counts.

Despicable Dro walks up to Molly speaking Spanish about how she is wearing his favorite dress. Candice comes up and gives her a hug. Insert awkward silence and conversation

Dinner commences and Kelli is heard asking Sweetie if he eats pork. He’s like “of course I do”.

Molly takes a seat and my favorite lines of this episode comes forth from the blonde goddess Tiffany,
“Molly, there are place cards. I didn’t design my own font so you could sit just where you wanted.”
Did Dro think he was gonna have his wife on his right and his side Molly on the left? And now Molly is at the VERY end of the table looking disgusted. Mwahahahahaha!!!

Issa claims that she’s not going to have words with Lawrence and that she’s not going to start drama. LIAR!

Everyone is seated around the table when Lawrence and Aparna show up. I’m guessing he didn’t get an actual invite because everyone else is dressed up and they are in denim. Lawrence says they should go and Aparna says it’s whatever he decides. Well, he decides they should stay. Lawrence, please make better decisions.
So then Derek makes everyone slide down to make room for Aparna. I appreciate all of the clinks and clanks of the moving place settings. See how much effort went in to making an extra place they weren’t even planning for? Hmm?
Did you see Tiffany pick up Lawrence’s nametag and move it to his new location. When I first saw it I thought she was moving her own name tag. She also scolds Kelli for taking Derek’s fork. I understand the confusion though because sit down dinners do come with a lot of eating utensils.

Once everyone has relocated and Lawrence and Aparna sit down, the awkward silence begins. Lawrence finally decides to yell out an introduction. Issa decides that she needs a whiskey. I’m not sure why she’s mad at Lawrence though. She’s the one who started this mess. She’s the reason they are no longer a couple. Yes, yes it didn’t help that he was depressed or whatever, but she cheated. Let’s all remember that.

Kelly mixed The Tiffany and The Derek drinks together and renamed it the Derrfany.
Dinner continues. Lawrence and Issa look individually uncomfortable.
Derek, Tiffany, Dro, and his wife Candice are having a conversation about performance Art – specifically a Serbian performance artist named Marina Abramovic (thanks Google search results). She’s the one who had that kerfuffle with Jay-Z regarding Picasso Baby and a donation.

Ok, I’m getting side tracked. So they are talking performance art and Molly is at the other end of the table trying to be a part of the conversation. Molly, I don’t know all of the rules of etiquette, but I think you’re supposed to talk to the people to your right, left and directly across from you (but not across from you at the other end of the table. No no.)
Dro asks if they have ever been to some place with lights or something and Molly says “The infinity room”. No one hears her but when Candice says it everyone is like “YES! YESSSSSS!” Molly looks quite displeased.
Sweetie tells Molly about the car museum he’s visited. It’s the one where Biggie was supposedly shot.
Side Note, If you saw the Life with Biggie show on A&E this week you would know that he was shot at a stoplight. So…what is Sweetie talking about? Also, how is it that Kelli just recently found out that Biggie died?

In other conversation, Kelli is asking for the butter, and Issa’s brother is pretending like he doesn’t hear her.
Tamika’s dude (you know, 1/2 of the stranger couple) asks Lawrence how he and Aparna know Tiffany and Derek. Lawrence says “My ex went to college with them.” Once again I heard the twitter siren go off. The tweets were saying when you break up, you break up with the friends, too. I don’t agree with that maybe that works when you’re in high school or still in college, but it’s not easy making new friends as an adult.

Loud mouth Tamika says, “Oh, it’s Issa?!” Why is she here? Go away, Tamika. Go Home.

Did you notice Kelli’s nameplate says Kelli^2 (Kelli squared)?
The dinner continues and Issa is all in her feelings.
Oh well.
Tiffany and Derek are looking in to buying some foreclosures. “Fingers crossed the owners lose it.”
I have been through a foreclosure, but I laughed out loud at that because it was funny. And just like Issa’s brother said, “I love her”.

Kelli is making fun of Issa’s rundown place and everyone at the table laughs because they know. They know she is the poor friend.

Tiffany gives a toast to her husband and is happy to share the night with some of their dearest friends. Drunk Issa adds “and some randos”.

Now here is where I am confused. Issa gets up from the table to leave and Molly looks at Lawrence like he has to fix this. Nah, why didn’t she take her single self outside to talk to her single friend? He didn’t have to go.

Either way, Lawrence walks up to Issa and starts to apologize about Aparna, but she thinks he wanted to parade his new girl in her face.

And then she brings up the social media blocking.

So, Lawrence asks if she is still sleeping with Daniel and Issa responds with “why do you even care?”
But…How can she say that when SHE is mad that he brought Aparna to the event? When she is mad that he blocked her? When SHE did the cheating?

And so Lawrence asks a reasonable question, “Who else did you have sex with while we were together?”
As a rebuttal, Issa decides to bring up that one time they had the quick sex while Lawrence was also having sex with Tasha. (That wasn’t a relationship, so it doesn’t count in my mind. Lawrence was having his own version of a hotation.)

It was kinda hard to hear him sarcastically call Daniel a gentleman when we all know that Daniel squirted in Issa’s eye the other day.

Issa pulls out the big guns and responds with, ”He’s got way more going on than Woot Woot.” I’mma let you finish, but Lawrence now has a nice job, an apartment, and doesn’t leave tags hanging on his clothes for return (but we will get back to that part later.)

Then she continues to talk about his failed app idea and asks if it was worth the time she spent supporting him through his depression. Depressed or not, I feel like they had to be supporting each other because she can barely make it on her own.

And then he calls her a ho. I am not and will not be mad at that.
Interestingly, earlier in the episode when Molly says, “Hold up. I didn’t judge you for hoing around these last few months.” Twitter didn’t even peep, but when Lawrence calls Issa a ho, everyone is up in Twitter arms. And in Issa’s own words she says she knew what she was getting herself in to.

Aparna comes outside and that ends the conversation. Issa is standing there looking really, really mad.

The people still at the birthday party are singing Happy Birthday to Derek.
Tiffany serves the cake and Kelli has some choice words for her.
“This carrot cake? So you hate us. I mean, I’m gon’ eat it, but it’s nasty.”
Yes, Kelli. Carrot cake is not something you eat at a celebration. You probably shouldn’t eat carrot cake anywhere. The same goes for German chocolate cake (the cake itself is fine, but that coconut frosting/icing goop? Disgusting)

Dro leaves the table and Molly decides to follow him. Molly is feeling lost and conflicted and that slithering slimeball charms her or whatever. The next thing we see is his butt crack and them having sex in the bathroom.
Molly kept saying that she was almost there, so after she arrived, Dro is heading to the table and suggested that she wait a few minutes before coming back. Molly looks confused like she doesn’t know what this is.

Much thanks to The Swingers Anonymous episode of the Inner Hoe Uprising Podcast for providing an example of an open relationship. That confirmed what we have all suspected for a while – He is a liar and a cheater and doesn’t value Molly’s friendship at all.

Molly steps out of the bathroom and finds Issa standing there. Issa adjusts her clothes and helps to fix her hair. Molly tears the tag off Issa’s dress. I guess that means Molly is going to pay for that dress?

Lawrence and Aparna are in the car driving to wherever. She asks Lawrence if he’s ok and says they can still get drinks.
Why are Lawrence and Aparna kissing? Y’all need to chill.

Molly is on a street corner calling her mother, asking why she stayed. Her mother said she stayed because she just loved him. She says something about feeling more special than feeling hurt. I don’t know what that means, but ok.

Molly is at home wondering why she did what she did when Dro texts and says he will be in town next Thursday. Thankfully, Molly says she can’t do this anymore.

Issa arrives home to a rental increase notice attached to her door.
She looks up at the burnt ceiling and then goes on a rampage destroying her own things.

I disinterestedly watched that destructive scene . My only comment is: Why destroy your own stuff? Why?
I have only thrown things in a rage maybe twice in my life – once in Jr High and the other time in High school. Either way, I was a teenager. Issa here is grown adult.

So who is going to clean that up?

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Thoughts Out Loud – #11 Insecure S2E6– Hella Blows

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Welcome back to the summary of sex show also known as the Season 2 Episode 6 Hella Blows recap of insecure.
Let’s get right to it, but first I want to also thank my listeners in China. I somehow left them off the list last episode.

Now we can can get this started.

The episode opens with Issa semi successfully dressing herself so that she can move her car to the other side of the street.
A neighbor dude, incorrectly assuming Issa is without sight, states, “Hey, your bumper’s about to fall.”
Like, did he think that she DIDN’T hear the horrible crying sound her car was making as she moved it?

Back during my great road trip of 2009, I parked my car on the street overnight in Culver City, California. I didn’t pay attention to the signs and so I may or may not have an outstanding ticket in California. Why do they need clean streets anyway?

Issa is on a bus looking pissed. I thought it was because she was riding the bus, but maybe that’s not the whole of it.
Why is she and the dude at the front of the bus scowling and rolling eyes at each other?
Dang, what did I miss? where is this hostility coming from?? Is he a potential Tinder bae gone wrong?

Issa is sitting on the couch sulking when email from Tiffany informing her of the Sexplosion event.
Issa says she could use an Sexplosion.

Issa notices that Eddie’s light is on and decides he can be tonight’s ho recipient.

Young Eddie opens the door, blocking Issa’s ability to get inside. We all know what that means. His to-do list is full and Issa isn’t an item on that list.
Now Issa is in her head yelling into the mirror, but none of this is his fault.
On a positive note, at least she knows how to maintain a cool exterior when being rightfully rejected.

Here is a PSA: never ever, EVER show up unannounced if you like holding on to your feelings and/or pride. Issa thought Eddie was at her beck and call, but found out that his life doesn’t revolve her hotation needs.

Molly’s at the office is working late when Dro calls. The conversation is awkward, and Molly is uncomfortable with the fact that they “had sex”. She uses her mother’s incoming call as an excuse to hang up with Dro, but she also ends up ignoring the call from her mother.

Issa is getting an estimate on the bumper, and Molly is there talking about the Dro situation and says, “He was always there for me. I just don’t have another friend like that.” Issa takes offense, but you know what? Molly is probably right.

Molly is saying all of that stuff we say when we pretend like it’s over. “I’m gonna tell him we should just be homies.” We all want to believe her, but we know it’s not true. Just look at how Issa is looking at her with wide eyes and that thinking face pose. She doesn’t believe that BS either.

When Molly said she was going to see the LA Wheelers, I briefly contemplated that she might be going to a hockey event, buuut the look on her face told me I was wrong. Oh well. I do know LA has..mmm…purple and gold colors? I don’t care enough to research this statement, so if I’m wrong I’m wrong. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person not in to sports.

The car estimate comes back at $5,500 and Issa says she doesn’t have that kind of money because she is poor. Don’t text while driving, kids.

On the way home, they are in a drive through when Issa states that she was just getting everything together.
During the 1st and 2nd watch of this scene I said “whut?” out loud both times.
She was like, “I was just getting everything under control” and I am over here like,

Who is getting everything under control!?
What exactly have you been getting under control?
When have you been working on getting things under control?
Where have you been doing this mystical control work? Has all of this been going down in some super secret special private place that we don’t know about?
Why do you think you have been getting things under control? Are the voices in your head lying to you??
And last, but certainly not least
How have you been getting things under control? Because I am here to tell you that you are just saying words that mean nothing. NADA!

Molly responds (showing us that she doesn’t live Issa struggle life) by saying, “Remember when I got that flat tire? I just paid for it and kept it moving, but..”

Issa isn’t really listening because she is upset that her hotation isn’t working out the way she wanted it to.
There’s that saying “pimping ain’t easy” and I assume that carries over in to the hoing world, too.

Molly meets Dro at the bar and they say a bunch of cute words. The next thing we see is them in bed.
Molly, you supposedly had an excuse the first time, but what is the excuse this time? There is no reason for this man to be inside anything of yours right now. He shouldn’t be in your mind, house, bed, or you. Stop doing this!

I am already agitated and we switch back to Issa dressed like she is about to audition for a hooker role in Pretty Woman.
Let’s get through this scene. Issa exposes her bra, exclaims that her skirt is too short, and turns on some music (amplified by a cup). When Nico attempts pleasantries she cuts him off with some wine and starts attacking him with her face. Nico thinks they should slow down and Issa wonders if something is physically wrong with him. No, he actually just likes her and wants to take it slow. I’m not going to cover the social dating expectations thing again since mentioned that last week.

Back to Molly and Dro. So she did tell him that it was supposed to be a one time thing, but somehow it’s turned in to a 4 time thing. And now Molly is asking how an open relationship works. Molly asks (a bit late) if Candice knows about all of this, and Dro *claims* that this was all Candice’s idea.
He says, “We could keep talking about this, or choose to be in it. What do you want?”
Molly kisses him, so I guess she chooses to be in it?

At the Sexplosion event we see women pole dancing.
I took one pole dance class years ago. My whole entire body went on strike for a week.

After the show I checked to see if Twitter was happy to see condom representation in this episode. The majority of people were please, but of course there are always the holdouts:
“Issa asking if the condoms free like she uses them.”
“Ohhh NOW Issa wants some condoms”
“Why Issa grabbing condoms like she gonna use em?”
“I’ma need for Issa to use one of those condoms that she picked up earlier.”

Molly is at the office reading about the women’s pay gap and still ignoring her mother’s phone calls. Molly, stop reading about it and just tell them you want a raise. You’re a lawyer, put together a compelling argument explaining why you deserve more that what you are currently receiving. It’s not that hard.

Molly and Dro decide to meet up at a hotel.
She is in the bathtub and Dro is washing her. Why not just get in the tub together and save water and time?
Why is Dro’s phone in the bathroom? He must have known Candice was coming home and he didn’t want to miss her message.
Hey Molly, you see how he abruptly cut off the pleasure when his wife needed him? Hmm?

Dro says he has to leave, but he tells Molly to stay since dinner is on the way and the room is paid for.
Ok Tasha 2.0. Is this really what you want? Dro is Lawrence and you gonna be his Tasha? Except, Dro isn’t single and rebounding, but you are over thinking you are going to build some sort of a relationship with someone else’s man?

While Issa and Molly are STILL on this penis-go-round,
Lawrence is finally presenting his app “Woot Woot” to his bosses. When he’s finished they compliment him on his presentation and asked him about his shoes.
Lawrence seeks out Aparna to get feedback on what his next steps should be with the app. She told him that she didn’t think his app was viable because it feels outdated.
He brushes off her experienced critique because it’s not what he wants to hear. She TOLD HIM what actually happens when the bosses like a good idea because she has seen many pitches before. Ok, cocky Lawrence. I wanted to see you get your app out there, but never mind.

Lawrence goes back to the bosses to fish for more feedback, but they have nothing for him. They love having his “perspective and energy” and they can’t wait for Lawrence 2.0.

On a side note, one of the VPs in my office has a standing desk. I really need to find out how I can get one.

Lawrence goes back to Aparna and tells her she was right. (duh) He points out that the bosses have a problem with critiquing the black guy, and Aparna says that they also have a problem with women. The two continue their conversation by discussing their failed app ideas. His is woot woot and her Drive-by.

During the conversation Aparna says something really important, “Sometimes saying goodbye means you’re making room for something better.”
You know, like saying goodbye to an app that’s no longer viable or maybe an Issa who isn’t emotionally mature or responsible.

Lawrence accepts the app rejection and is ready to work on Lawrence 2.0 and she says she is at Aparna 6.7. I loved their playful sparing about their failed apps.

I’m wondering why are Lawrence’s scenes so light and brightly lit while a lot of Issa’s scenes are dark and heavy. I think I might be #LawrenceHive simply because of the lighting. This show is trying to manipulate my emotions.

Back to the Issa-go-round
Issa and Daniel are together and I guess the tutorial paid off because Daniel enjoyed himself. Buut now I can’t be mad at twitter because Issa didn’t use a condom and ended up with a protein eye mask. I hope she doesn’t end up with eye herpes. I saw that Issa Rae said that this joke ended up being ironic. Ha!

Issa is always making bad decisions and then getting mad at the OTHER person when the outcome isn’t what she expected. Daniel rang the alarm saying “warning! warning!” but Issa stomps off in a strange fit of rage because she thought she was in control. These adult temper tantrums are quite annoying.
She’s just mad that she has lost control of her life and hopefully she is learning that you can’t control other people.

She’s out on the corner with a paper towel to her eye when the car pool stops to pick her up. “Is-sa carpool” and I have questions for everyone inside regarding the initial music selection, the requested music, and one rider’s satisfaction upon hearing the requested music.
I really hope Issa thought about her life choices during that ride home.

I know I have to let the writers tell the story the way they see it, but as a consumer of the story I am not satisfied. I don’t need all of the sex scenes. It’s a 30 minute show with the majority of it revolving around finding and/or having sex. I hope that season 3 finds a new focus and that we see a lot less sex and get a lot more words.

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Thoughts Out Loud – #10 Insecure S2E5 – Hella Shook

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Welcome back to another week of of summarized Insecure nonsense. But first, I would like to thank you guys for asking me to do these recaps. At first, I was hesitant because I didn’t really see this as my lane. (This is why there is no episode 1 recap.) However, I accepted the challenge and I’ve had fun analyzing these characters and their situations.

For those of you in Italy, Danmark, Kenya, Brazil, Australia, Uganda, and Somalia (and of course everyone across the US), THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

As always, I encourage you to listen to the official recap podcast, Insecuritea, hosted by Crissle and Fran. I’m sure they don’t need my plug, but please support them so that they are around to recap season 3. 🙂

Quick note – the website contains my overall written recap. When editing I often I remove content to keep the podcast episodes short.

Ok, let’s get to it.

This Season 2 Episode 5 – Hella Shook recap is broken up into 3 sections titled:
– Issa – Money, Men, and Mayhem
– Molly – Friends, Family, and Folly
– Lawrence – Reality, Realization, and Regret

Issa: Money, Men, and Mayhem
Issa is low on gas and is pumping it with care to make sure she doesn’t go over $10. I have been there. I know this life. I didn’t give her destination any thought until she knocks on a door and announces herself with a corny line about a package for his package. Dude is playing around like he doesn’t know who she is. And when the door opens…It’s Dirty Daniel. Initially I was like “ugh!” Because I don’t like the Daniel situation, but the actor playing Daniel is chocolate, has a beard, and a nice smile so…I am all kinds of conflicted during this scene.

Ok, I’ve Gotta focus…
So Dirty D opens the door and these two start kissing. 🙄 I guess Issa decided that the sample D was good enough to go back and purchase a meal.

North Star is Back! (It’s actually titled Due North but I like North Star better.)
Ninny is crying because Massa let Nessa shave him
He responds with, “she only trimmed the tree. I’ll let you tend the bush.”
I really may have to reconsider my thoughts on Daniel because he called North Star stupid. LOL but everyone watches it.

Daniel is going to get Pastrami tacos and that simply sounds like something I never plan to eat.

At some point later, Issa and Molly are working on bouquets when Molly mentions that she found a place for her and Issa to stay in Morocco and Issa again points out that she is broke.

Why is Issa always broke?

Issa is truly in a one to many type of query state right now.
Issa meeting her newest Tinder date Nico, and has her expected internal conversation hyping herself up, but this time it’s more of a chant than a rap.
She meets up with Nico and they talk for hours. At the end of the evening, Issa pretends she is going to pay when Nico calls her out for pretending.

Why pretend you’re going to pay if you 100% don’t plan on paying?

He says it’s midnight and he has to get up early. She is disappointed that she isn’t going to add him to her “hotation”.

Not everyone in the online dating world is looking for a one night stand. Issa probably needs to update her profile to be a little clearer. She should let guys know she is simply looking to sample.

At the We Got Y’all office (which, by the way, is an actual website: https://wegotyall.com/ ) Go there and learn more about Issa’s coworkers.

Joanne, aka Boss Lady, is letting everyone know that the Director of student outreach position is out there and available. I like that they are working with the Inner city arts organization.
For whatever insane reason, Issa thinks all is cool with Frieda, but Frieda isn’t interested in playing Issa’s games.

Racism conversation: Black people can be racist.

At the WGY Retreat there is a taco bar with room temperature sour cream and a table surrounded by sad faces.
Joanne is saying that they need to practice how they listen to student challenges and Issa is obviously not listening because she picks up her phone and texts Daniel instead.

Issa must not want to be the new Director of Student Outreach because she ain’t paying any kind of attention to what is going on. Does she actually care about her job? Does she care about anything that is not attached to a penis?

Frieda mentions about how adults have a hard time with being honest with themselves. Ehh? Hmm? yeah, I agree. i think she is talking about Issa.

I told y’all Frieda isn’t playing with Issa. She chooses to work with Patricia on the partner assignment.

Oh Patricia. ☺️ Patricia is my dark heart. She said, “Dreams aren’t meant to be achieved. That’s why they are called dreams. Otherwise, they’d be called reality, so…”

Issa is bothered by Frieda’s behavior and decides to call her brother. The scene is weird. She knows she was wrong; that’s why she called him. She wanted him to agree with her. But instead he is confirming that she isn’t always right. I have been thinking about this and we haven’t seen a lot of self reflection from Issa this season. She has mostly been living on the surface and doing things at face value. She is in her “hotation” and she appears to be check out of her job situation in that we see zero enthusiasm regarding moving up in the company. Is she depressed?

Question: Why is Issa pulling up her shirt in the MIDDLE of the bathroom when there are plenty of stalls behind her?

Later in the episode Issa decided texting while driving was a good idea, and when that dick pic comes through she rams into the back of the car in front of her.
Issa calls to cancel on Daniel and tells him about the accident, but leaves out the part about how she was looking at other peen.
He comes to pick her up and hugs her (I guess a little too long or too tenderly?) She tells him that she’s not looking for a relationship. He claims that’s cool.

Thoughts on Issa being broke. Is it because she works for a non profit? She probably could get more money if she got that Director job, but she is too busy trying to collect more men.
She should be thinking about about how to collect more dollars.

Molly: Friends, Family, and Folly

Molly is in Chicago talking to Quinten and admits that she keeps Solange’s album on repeat in the car.

Side note: I got to see Solange at Radio City Music Hall along with Dave Chappelle this week. mmm…that may or may not be why this recap is coming out later than normal. LOL

Q asks if she has mentioned the pay difference and suggests that she consider leaving.
Molly says she can’t because of the time she has invested.

😒 Girl, if you don’t get on away from here with that. I don’t know anything about lawyer career paths, but I do know you shouldn’t stay if you aren’t happy or if you feel undervalued.

Quinten asks her to bring him some fried chicken the next time she comes to Chicago and Molly responds with, “So that I can be the black girl on the plane with chicken? Nope.”

Is a stranger’s perception of you more important than doing a kind thing for someone you actually know?

Quinten says he is “slim thick” and he has a pastor’s body. I like their interactions.

Back in LA, Molly is making bouquets with Issa and mentions Birds of Paradise, and that remind me of Fran. 🙂

Outside Molly’s parent’s house, Dro approaches Molly and asks if she was ever interested in him, she says yes but then she pointed out that he is married now. I’s married now!

We finally get to meet Molly’s family. Her mama is saving for Molly’s wedding and her father is in no rush to see her married off.
We also meet Curtis and “ugly” Jerome. Not sure of the relationship: brother? Cousin? I need Insecure to do better at introducing new characters. So, Jerome is Molly’s brother? Then who is Curtis? I am so confused by Molly’s family. Or, are they both her brothers?

Well, look at who is back! Lionel has been invited to a family function. We just saw this with Tasha and now we get to see Molly do the same thing. Look at Molly speaking Spanish. And poor Lionel comes with his “hola”, and then proceeds to mark his territory by putting his arm around Molly while she is talking to extra tall Dro.

Candace (Dro’s wife we met that one time but haven’t seen since) is missing again. This time she’s in Cabo. There is something strange about her never being around…🤔

At the ceremony, Great aunt Janice, aunt Kiki, and cousin Mary, spill the beans and now Molly knows there was some strife in her parent’s life.

Molly goes off the deep end questioning the family about her father’s infidelity. Molly asked “why would you stay??” I don’t think I mentioned this last episode, but I did write it in the Hella LA blog post. I wrote about how Molly’s parents probably did have problems, but Molly just didn’t know about it.
She put them on a pedestal they never asked to be on.

I thought she overreacted when she ran off (leaving Lionel to find his own way home) to have an overly dramatized temper tantrum. And that opportunist Dro was right there ushering her into the car, driving her home.

So all of y’all who were mad at Lawrence for running away from Tasha’s family event have to be mad at Molly, too. She ran off AND had sex with another woman’s husband.
Did Lionel deserve that? Did he? Why is it always the supposedly good people that get left behind and the dirtbags get all of the glory. (Yeah, I don’t know that Dro is actually a dirtbag, but since I don’t have deeper insight into what’s going on in his life, I’m leaning towards him being a scoundrel.)

Lawrence: Reality, Realization, and Regret

Lawrence is out running with his coworkers (this reminds me of my LA cousin posting pictures of her riding bikes with her coworkers.) Anyway, he tells them he has jury duty and is going to miss Colin and Brooke pitching his app. Hmm…🤔 what is going to happen here? Will they mess it up? Will they take credit for his work?

Lawrence is at jury duty being bored when Derek texts to ask if he is free on the 15th for his birthday (mmm sounds like he and Issa have a date to meet up on the 15th.) Will they each bring dates?

Lawrence goes back to scrolling through what appears to be Facebook, and comes across a posts from Kelli who is, as usual, is being loud and outrageous talking about eating peppers.

What is this show’s obsession with peppers and poppers?

Lawrence watches her video, questions her sanity, and scrolls on. I’m glad to see he thinks she is weird. He scrolls on and spots a picture of Issa with Daniel.

In this obviously fictitious courtroom, Lawrence is ignoring everything, and Juror #9 thought she was going to get out of serving because of her Black lives matter t-shirt reveal, but the judge was like, “nah.”

Lawrence is over here scrolling through Daniel’s page. (I didn’t know guys did that, too.)
He is so caught up in researching Daniel that he doesn’t hear that he has been dismissed from Jury duty. I wonder what made him so unsuitable. Is it that they never saw his eyes because they were glued to his phone?

Can I just say that this court house is way more lenient than what I experienced in Atlanta?! We couldn’t use our phones, read books, or sleep. We had to sit there in silence for hours on end waiting to be questioned for suitability. Ultimately I was dismissed. But unlike Lawrence I had a good reason: I was in art school at the time.

Lawrence and Derek are at a nice little bar. Derek gives Lawrence a reality check about his relationship, AND maybe gave us some insight as to what happened between him and Tiffany. Derek reminded him that what happened isn’t all on Issa, and that he has to take responsibility for his part in her stepping out. Do you think Tiffany did the same with him? Did he live in the hotel for a year because she cheated?? Or, did HE cheat? I have so many questions! I wonder if we will ever hear those details. I just had a thought! Maybe everything will come to a head at the party! I can’t wait to see what happens.

Later we see Lawrence sitting in his sparsely furnished apartment. Quite honestly, I think he has the most important thing set up – a place to sit, his computer, and his internet connection. Oh Lawrence. Next time maybe you won’t make rush decisions when your partner messes up.
See the difference between you and Issa and Molly’s parents?

Now, if only someone could bring Molly back to reality and slap some sense into Issa. What is WRONG with these people?! Why are they all so insufferable? I need for someone to make at LEAST one thoughtful and/or good decision before this season ends.

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Thoughts Out Loud – #9 Insecure S2E4 – Hella LA Recap

Note: The audio podcast is a condensed and slightly different version of the blog post. Also, does not include the police incident.”

I’m Danielle and you’re listening to Thoughts Out Loud on FrizzyFro.com.

This is the Insecure season 2 episode 4 Hella LA recap. Also, don’t forget to also check out Insecuritea the official recap podcast hosted by Crissle and Fran.

I want to mention the Black Twitter condom saga. So, after another sex filled episode, Twitter started crying and whining about condoms again; so much so that Issa Rae took to twitter to show, with pictures, that they do place condoms on the set. But YOU PEOPLE came back with some of the most idiotic responses:

“But did he use them is the question”
“They not open”
“They was present, not necessarily used”
“But if there is no pause to put them on then it’s just condoms in the background”

These people do not deserve to watch MA rated tv shows. Negros really do need a college fund because a mind still is a terrible thing to waste.

Issa said they would do better next season, but I don’t want them to change a single thing regarding condom use.

Ok, Let’s get to it.

Issa and Kelli are at Molly’s apartment preparing to attend the Kiss-n-grind event.
The overall conversation was great Kelli has been drinking all afternoon waiting for Molly to get dressed, Molly and Issa share thoughts like twins where they have a complete conversation without using any descriptive words. There were some good lines, including the one about Felix being a cat, but I laughed out loud at Kelli saying, “No, but for real, we should go because they will actually give our table away.” as she grabs Molly’s wine out of her hands and pours it down the sink.

For all of you people thinking Lawrence lied about getting an apartment…
Lawrence is in **his** bathroom showering and rubbing his hair into curls with that hole-y sponge thing I’ve seen people use on YouTube. Chad is at the barbershop getting his hair cut/done/styled and calls to find out Lawrence’s status. Lawrence wants to bring fighting Gerald, but Chad is against that idea due to a previous Chipotle situation, which, according to Chad, supposedly has a low-key delicious tofu bowl. I am a barbacoa bowl kind of girl myself and I don’t do soy or tofu.

Chad is happily impressed that Lawrence wants to be social. Whatever this place is, is going to be filled with the fun and excitement drugs and alcohol supposedly bring. We should also note that soon to be married Chad is saying “what up, girl” to some unseen woman on the street.

Kelli, Molly, and Issa show up at the kiss and grind event and walk the longest mile to find their table waaaaay in the back. As they start to settle in, Dro walks up. Remember how last week I didn’t understand why we were meeting Dro and Candace? Well, that was the show’s awkward way of introducing new characters to us. I guess they are important. Shrug Anyway Dro (short for Alejandro per Issa Rae’s tweet) makes fun of their inexpensive table choice and calls them Destiny’s Child. Kelli takes offense and asks “Uh, who is Michelle?” In response, Dro’s face looked like Kelli asked him to solve a complex math problem in his head. With no immediate response from Dro, Kelli whispers to Issa, “It’s you.”

Dro mentions that Candace is at a meditation seminar. Molly says that she appreciates that Dro and Candace can just “do their own thing”. Dro mentions he has chicken tenders at his table, and that’s all Molly needed to hear. Molly leaves Issa and Kelli at their table as two stranger women walk up and try to sit down. Both Issa and Kelly shoo them away like cats you don’t want near your feet. One of the women says, “Your table sucks anyway.” Kelli has her hand to her chest in a true offended southern woman pose as if to say, “Do my ears deceive me? Are these peasants daring to disparage things they themselves do not have”?
My question is, if the table sucks so much, why were you trying to sit there?

Kelli has this thing for taking people’s drinks and doing with them as she sees fit. This time she takes Issa’s drink as she walks off to meet some men.

Issa is left standing there and spots Daniel across the room.

Lawrence is stuck in traffic because of a biking event that has the streets closed off.
He decides to make a U-turn and gets pulled over by the police. He immediately switches from rap music to a soft instrumental music station. He has both hands on the steering wheel at the appropriate 10 and 2 locations and prepares for the officer’s interrogation. “You in a rush? Is this your car? Where are you going?” The officer asks for his license and registration. Lawrence reaches in his back pocket and says, “Get my license”. As he pulls his out license, his bankcard falls out. He tries to put his wallet back when the other attending officer yells out “Put all your hands where my eyes can see. Straight buckwildin in the place to be” nah, just kidding. He yells, “keep your hands where I can see them” and has his hands on his pistol. The first officer comes back to give Lawrence a warning and crack jokes about their alma maters playing some sporting event; Lawrence’s Georgetown to the officer’s Villanova. I have been stopped by the police only once in my life. Well, technically it was twice but both happened on the same day just hours apart. I was not raised to fear the police and I had almost zero interaction with them growing up. And even in to adulthood I thought they were here to help people get kittens out of trees. I also want to mention that I have what’s called a “smart mouth”. Sarcasm and condescension also dwell deep in my spirit and appear when they think they are needed. So, I may or may not have been condescending to one of the police officers when he asked me obvious questions. Back to Lawrence. His experience and my experience are not the same, so I’m going to leave it at that.

I don’t know what this dollar sign, dollar sign, dollar sign, dollar sign song is, but it makes me involuntarily bounce.

Back at the kiss and grind, Issa asks Molly to guess who she just saw and Molly responds with, “Is it the girl who plays Ninny? Because I think she’s here.”
This is where audio fails me. I need emojis or video to display the intense side eye I am giving Molly right now. Distressed Issa tells her Daniel is present and does bodily harm to Molly when she looks around to find him. So, why does Issa think that she has to confront Daniel? WHY? Why can’t he stay on his dark side of the room and Issa stay on the other side of the dark room? Using my foolproof strategy, they could effectively ignore each other for the entire evening. Or, as I experienced this week when someone I know walked past me, pretend he is invisible. But you can’t be stone faced about it like the person who ignored me. That just let me know that I was seen and you were determined to ignore me. Your loss. Have a great life!

Issa claims that she has to be the adult and deal with this drama. I said out loud in response, “there’s no drama!” Like, he hasn’t even seen her and she’s talking about drama. It’s been months and she is talking about drama! This just proves that drama exists only in the mind that is imagining it. Sheesh.

Song Lyrics — “Shea butter twitter be callin’ her a queen’ – I don’t use shea butter, but I do have shea moisture. Someone needs to explain this shea butter twitter thing to me one of these days.

Issa walks over to Daniel’s area. Daniel is minding HIS OWN BUSINESS and she’s wants to talk to him. He has nothing to say to her and she manages to utter a string of words that aren’t really forming a coherent thought. Daniel is all like yeah, it happened months ago, so whatevs, homie. When he asks Issa if she’s good with the situation, she says she’s good and ends up singing the Living Single theme song. Girlie, this is why we have Twitter. Let me explain how this works: Open up a fresh tweet, add the microphone emoji, and then type out those lyrics. That’s it. You’re done. You DO NOT sing the lyrics in person simply because you are feeling uncomfortable. Don’t do that. Never do that.

Buuuut, here’s a thought: by singing the theme song she just let Daniel know that she broke up with her boyfriend and is unattached, so maybe singing awkward lyrics isn’t a bad idea after all. Let me add this to my strategy for the next time I am around a delicious looking black man.

Molly and Dro are sitting on a couch scouting out dudes for Molly to dance with. They spot one dude, but guess who is dancing with him? Kelli.

Lawrence is in the store trying to buy some Coronas and Maker’s Mark when he finds that his bankcard is missing. He doesn’t have a way to pay so the two conniving wenches in line behind him offer to pay the $46.92 for his liquor. “We’ve got it. No worries.” (I find that a lot of people living in sunny places like California and South Florida like to say “no worries”.)

One woman says, “Does he look like Craig to you?” I feel like that would be my first clue to thank them and run away, but not our Lawrence. He decides small talk is important and asks what they will be doing this evening. Let the coy games begin “oh, we aren’t doing anything. Just drinking wine and staying out of trouble. Too bad you have that thing to go to.” At the first hint that they wouldn’t mind spending time with him, Lawrence turns into Mariah Carey with the whole “I don’t know her” stance as it relates to hanging out with Chad.

Issa is sitting outside waiting for Felix to show up. He arrives and they awkwardly hug. Issa proceeds to call him “Folix” because of the typo in his dating profile. He says he didn’t recognize her because of her current hairstyle. She says she likes to switch it up and he’s all like “You ever switch it back?” That would have been the end of Folix for me. I am rude and would have promptly turned around and walked away. But not Issa; No, Issa stayed for more. Folix next criticizes her voice, and Issa decides to make an excuse instead of kicking him straight in his kneecap. In the end, Felix curbs Issa and walks away. Jerk.

But look at who witnesses the exchange: Dirty Daniel. He smirks and looks away.

Molly and Dro are hitting the dance floor and doing some sort of dance with words type of battle. And then…Molly turns around and presents her round mounds to him. Almost instantly the DJ switches it up and plays Juvenile’s Slow Motion and these two are dirty dancing in the darkness.

Molly starts to feel uncomfortable with the grinding and says they should stop because his wife wouldn’t approve. Dro then let’s her know that he and Candace are in an open marriage. They are supposedly allowed to be with other people. I do not believe anything men say, so I would have to hear it from his wife. But instead of saying that, Molly asks “since when?” and Dro says a year ago. Sooo, I would like to ask some follow up questions if you don’t mind: Who made this decision? Him or her? Is Candace really cool with this? Ok, let me focus. Dro is still talking and saying words trying to convince Molly that this open marriage works for him and his wife and blah blah blah. Molly looks highly skeptical, but yet she is still listening.
I have a low tolerance for nonsense and to me, what he is saying falls in to the nonsense category, so I would have been like “well, ok. I need to go back to my table now. Have a wonderful life letting whatever happens happens without me in the middle of it.”

Dumb Lawrence is sitting on the couch at wench island while one girl pours him a drink and the other rolls an L. Lawrence is texting Chad that he can’t make it because he thinks **one** of them is feeling him. One of them comes over, takes his phone, and takes a picture of them together as she licks his face. She proceeds to send the picture to Chad as evidence. Chad responds with a gif of a dancing man.

The licky face girl asks if he likes The Weeknd. Lawrence hesitates and then says yes and so she starts doing an arched back dance type of thing. She climbs on his lap and to Siri’s credit, she tried to block this from happening. She was like “SAY WHAT? I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.” It didn’t work though because the 2 of them start kissing and then the 3 of them are kissing and then Lawrence pulls back to see that the 2 of THEM are kissing. I feel like that winking face pillow on the chair is thinking, “I knew this was going to happen again.”

Issa is at kiss and grind sitting on the couch scrolling through tinder profiles when more random girls try to sit at their table. Kelli and Issa shoo them away as Molly walks up and tells them Dro hit on her. She asks the question, “Is anyone married like my parents anymore?” Issa mentions Derek and Tiffany. But they also mention that he stayed in a hotel for a year. Molly’s parents have probably also had challenges but she may not know about them. For all Molly knows, **her** parents could be in an open marriage and that’s why they have been together for so long.

Issa asks if Molly is considering getting with Dro. Molly says that it’s not an option because he is married. She saaaays it, but her expressions suggest otherwise. Mmhmm we will keep a close eye on you Miss Molly.

Lawrence is in the middle of a threesome with Sandra saying words I’m not willing to repeat. But in essence, she points out that his blackness feels good in her whiteness. And when she said it I looked at the screen like “excuse me?” And she continues to say porn-like phrases. Someone on twitter pointed out that she was also quoting some song lyrics. I wasn’t familiar with the song so I asked Google and the song is Novacane by Frank Ocean. Miko who has been sitting on his face decides she wants to have his blackness in her, too, but Lawrence is spent and cannot give her what she wants.

He tells them to give him a minute to recover. While he is recovering Sandra and Miko discuss the fact that they have been with a BUNCH of other black guys and Lawrence is like “a bunch?” The women decide that now would be the perfect time to reminisce over the crazy night they had with LaMarcus and how it would be great to order pad Thai using Postmates. But due to a possible surge charges because it’s Saturday, they decide that the place on the corner would be a better option and they could still make it to Michelle’s party. This entire conversation is happening while Lawrence is lying in the bed looking all kinds of incredulous.

The kiss and grind is winding down and Issa asks Molly if her profile picture looks like her. Molly said, “your face is your face, but you have the hair of another person.”

Kelli joins them and says that her guy (whose name she cannot remember so he christens him “Sweetie”) is going to Swingers and so are they.

As they are heading out, Molly sees Dro across they way. And for whatever reason, feels like she should engage him in conversation. rolls eyes She tells him she is going out to eat with Issa and Kelli and he says he will text her later. AND SHE SAYS ‘OK’. Whyyyyy?

They get to the restaurant and Kelli is being Kelli. Issa sits down and sees Daniel across the way. They silently acknowledge each other.

Lawrence is sitting in his car thinking thoughts about what he just experienced. Chad calls him to get details about the evening. He asks, “What is great? It was great, right?” and Lawrence lies and says that it was great.

Lawrence hangs up with Chad and looks out the car window. He is parked in front of The Dunes, Issa’s apartment. Aw maaaaannn! I was hoping to get though this episode without having to deal with either of their deep down feelings. I’M NOT GOING TO DO IT! I am going to let him drive off with his feelings and maybe we will revisit this next episode.

Back at the restaurant, Kelli asks Sweetie if he got anyone else’s number. He replies with, “ No! Once I saw you, baby, it was a fajita. That’s a wrap.” Molly and Issa are disgusted by these two and their shenanigans. Molly gets a text from Dro. He asks if she wants company. She tells him no, but not in a way that 100% shuts him down.

“So, if you were going to make me dinner, what would you…” Kelli stops talking and Sweetie is sitting there with a slight smile on his face. Issa has a mouth full of food and looks up because the words just abruptly stopped. Kelli is breathing hard and clears her throat. Issa is looking quite perplexed. She tries to get Molly’s attention, but can’t because Molly is learning about the seriousness of Lion King in this day and age. She makes eye contact with Daniel who texts her “Yo, Is your girl getting fingered under the table right now?” Kelli and Sweetie are muttering about a cheat day while trying to pretend like nothing is going on. Issa and Daniel chuckle. Molly watches as Issa takes her food over to Daniel’s table where the two of them are laughing as the episode ends.

As a note, I realize there are cameos in this episode that I did not mention.

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Thoughts Out Loud #8 – Insecure S2E3 Hella Open Recap

This episode was created at the request of @12Kyle on Twitter. He was like “you gonna do a recap for ALL of the episodes?” and I was like “All of the episodes?! mmm I’ll do this one for you and we will see how it goes.”

And as always, don’t forget to listen to Insecuritea the official recap podcast hosted by Fran of heyfranhey.com and The Friend Zone podcast and Crissle of The Read podcast. As an FYI, I am not paid to do any of this. (Update: To clarify, I meant that my podcast and blog are not sponsored and I do not receive money for acknowledging one of my favorite podcasts.)

Before I get started, I would like to say Congratulations to the Insecure HBO team for the season 3 renewal.

Let’s get in to Season 2 Episode 3 – Hella Open

I felt like the tempo of the Hella Open episode was different from the Hella Questions episode. And no, I am not going to compare and contrast the 2 episodes. I can say that I was disappointed that there was no North Star show for me to mimic. That’s ok though because the family BBQ, Tasha, and the twitter condoms craze are a big part of this recap aka the retelling of what you already know. So let us rush through the first part so that we can get to the good stuff. Are you SURE you’re ready for this deconstructed recap?

– Issa’s Tinder fingers
This scene was filled with awkward laughter, awkward fingers, and awkward exits.
“I got this from a swap meet” Issa while putting on her shirt.
Issa couldn’t bring herself to sleep with Tinder date dude.

– Issa’s Phase (no hoe)
Issa makes some real comments about the insecurities that arise when having sex with a new partner and/or finding someone you actually WANT to have sex with.

At the bar/club/entertainment establishment, Issa starts to say that she’s not out here looking like these hoes when a girl walks by wearing the EXACT same dress and Issa had to pause her statement.

Issa strikes out with all of the men she meets. One man just stopped her and was basically like ‘look, I’m not here for you’ (Angelica -Hamilton style. If you don’t get the reference, go see a Broadway show)
He was sent to keep Issa away so that his friend (played by Sterling K Brown) could talk to Molly.

Meanwhile, Molly is talking to dude. He asks for her number so she gives him a business card and walks away.

Molly approaches Issa and asks, “So girl, how’d you do?”
Issa responds with a big smile, “I got these wings!”

Confession time: In this scene I would be Issa. If someone managed to get me into that kind of environment I would be sitting in a corner or at the bar eating chicken wings, and my friends would be quite disappointed, but not surprised by my anti-social behavior.

– Frieda’s Amigas
We Got Y’all but Frieda wants to balance the demographics because all of the students in the program are black. The problem? The school is 86% Latino. Frieda asks the kids: “Do you have any friends or, like, amigos, amigas?”

Is Issa Dee really that oblivious to the work situation? Why is she all of a sudden color blind? Does she really think that what Mr. Gaines is doing is no big deal? Last season Molly had the bad attitude, but this season we have been exposed to more of Issa’s personality, and I’m not liking what I see.

– Issa’s Battery
Issa is in bed alone trying to find some self-pleasure but why does it sound like a weedwacker? I kinda want to ask what is going on down there, but that’s really none of my business. Have you ever rubbed a battery on your jeans or couch or carpet to get a little more power out of it?

– Molly’s Therapy
It looks like Molly used up all of her words last episode because she gave up on Dr. Rhonda.
She claims she is going to find another therapist. All I have to say is that they better have a magnificent bookshelf like the one Dr. Rhonda has.

So…if Molly can’t commit to a therapist, what makes her think she can commit to a relationship?

– Molly’s Big Brown Box
Molly is at a warehouse…in heels and a skirt…picking up her build a bookcase box. First she is offended that the dock person thinks she is with the man standing behind her. And then, instead of asking for help she decides to struggle with carrying this big brown box. She gets the box to her car and she watches as a woman directs her male partner to carry her box to their car. The look on Molly’s face suggests that she is back to wanting a male companion in her life.

Why is Molly trying to put together a bookshelf? It’s like she is living my life when I was trying to put together those IKEA bookshelves.

Molly is trying her best to get Issa to help her turn all of those random pieces into a useful object, and Issa is doing all that she can to ignore the task. She literally throws one of the pieces to the side while trying to convince Molly to go out and hoe.

Later in the episode, Molly chooses to ignore Lionel’s attempts to see her again and sips wine as two hired men put together her bookshelf.

– Molly’s Miscellaneous Moments
Thought: Molly is going to love Chicago and find a man there. OR, she is going to like this Lionel guy, but end up with a career in Chicago or something like that.

Molly goes on a date with Lionel and he said they skipped the awkward first date and now he is talking about fast forwarding through life. When I first watched this I felt so uncomfortable because why is he talking like this? It’s so creepy, but Molly seems to understand…I think.

Issa was high on paint fumes when she told Molly that Lionel sounded just like her. Molly appears to be mortified and now she doesn’t seem to be as interested in Lionel.

Who are Dro and Candice? Were we introduced to them before? It was like, why is Molly talking to these two random people. Apparently Issa knows them, too. I don’t know. Maybe they don’t really matter.

– Lawrence’s Travels
At Lawrence’s job one of his coworkers says: “They’re not chips, they’re chirps. Made from crickets”Note: Lawrence has been to Phuket and has eaten crickets. The man has travelled the globe.

Lawrence’s excuse for not participating in Startup Saturday: “I would love to, but I promised someone that I would pick up some chairs.” Everyone stares in “pardon me?” and he adds that it’s a family BBQ.

You know how you call someone “someone” when you aren’t willing to commit to their name?

– Lawrence and Tasha’s History
This is the juicy stuff that has everyone worked up, so I had to do a little research to refresh my memory.

Exhibit A
Let’s go back to Season 1 Episode 4 at approximately 18:46 minutes in where Lawrence says “My girlfriend LOVES kale” and Miss Tasha keeps on talking like he said nothing. Also note that when Tasha pulled out the hot sauce Lawrence gave her a look like “did you really do that?”. Yes, I know Beyonce carries hot sauce in her bag, but I firmly believe you should not carry condiments in your purse.

Exhibit B
AND THEN, in Season 1 Episode 5 “Shady as F…” at approx. 17:27 Tasha enters the Best Buy with her breasts all exposed talking about she needs some batteries. And she is smiling and wiggling ohh and she’s talking about Jalapeño Poppers and asked Lawrence out. And AGAIN Lawrence said “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND, TASHA”

Back to this episode…
We are at Tasha’s house. The 2 of them are in bed and Tasha is talking about family members made of potato salad or something. No one cares. Also, Potato salad is 1000% disgusting.
Lawrence is like, who are these people? And starts rubbing on her because he really doesn’t care about the people and he’s not there for her words.
She says, “Are you even listening to me?” Um…Tasha, no, he is not there to listen. Sure he said “of course”, but that was a lie. Duh

I need for Tasha to sit down and talk to us Real World confessional style and explain WHY she invited Lawrence to the family BBQ, and what her actual expectations were for this man.

He CLEARLY was there for sex. No, he wasn’t listening to anything you had to say because he wasn’t interested, but you were just too happy to have him there to pay attention to the signs.

Both of y’all are guilty.

– Lawrence’s Coworkers and Tasha’s Family
Against all better judgment, we arrive at the family BBQ, and we see kids running around and people playing dominos
True to his word, Lawrence is carrying chairs and we meet Tasha Thomas’ play uncle who is wearing his Obama 44 apron and already seems to know who Lawrence is. Mmm…seems Tasha has been running her mouth just a bit too much.

Another one of her cousins (we don’t know if he’s for real or for play-play, but let’s call him Mr. Illegal Music.) Mr. Music has on a spray-painted RIP shirt in contrast to the button-down shirt Lawrence is wearing. Lawrence is all about rules, while music dude is not.

Did you hear how Tasha calls him baby, and Lawrence responds like his name is baby and goes to do Tasha’s bidding?

Did you also notice how he is walking around the cookout looking incredibly uncomfortable? He is surrounded by stranger people doing stranger things, when he gets a text from his coworker reminding him of the Saturday Startup. He tells Tasha he has to go, but that he would be back. (Yes, that was a lie. We all knew he wasn’t coming back.)

Lawrence shows up at Startup Saturday (which, honestly is more his speed.)

Tasha is texting Lawrence to ask where he is. Now, while technically he is at a work function, he is not actually working like he said in the text message.

Some of this review comes from the twitter responses I read during the live tweet.
Lawrence looked uncomfortable around her family? Why? Well, socioeconomic and cultural differences are probably at play. Maybe Lawrence doesn’t like strangers. (I can relate to that.) A family of rule breakers and flute players is a lot for an outsider to take in. Lawrence is more comfortable around his work people because they probably are of the same educational background and have technology in common.

– Tasha’s Toodaloo
Tasha calls Lawrence and asks what happened and says to him “If you didn’t want to come, you should have just told me that.”
Let me take a moment to speak in a language Tasha understands.


Miss, Thomas. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE INVITED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE! YOU CLAIM YOU KNEW THIS WASN’T A SERIOUS THING, BUT YET YOU TOLD YOUR PLAY UNCLE ALL ABOUT HIM. You are the one calling him baby and having him help wheel your aunt around. He was an outsider, but you tried to make him family.

He tells her that he wasn’t looking for anything serious and she continues with “my whole family was here and you just ghosted.” and mentions that she was embarrassed. Like I said, I feel nothing for Tasha. She brought this upon herself. Don’t bring “not serious” dudes to meet your family. That’s YOUR fault.
Now, to be fair, Lawrence should have declined the offer. I don’t know how men think, but maybe at the time he accepted he was seeing Tasha differently or was TRYING to see her differently. Or, maybe he felt it would be wrong to say no. Either way, both of y’all are guilty of making dumb decisions.

She then calls Lawrence some choice words and hangs up. (I’m not an N-word user, so we will just leave it Fuckboy.) I struggle with this term because it depends on which urban dictionary entry you choose to apply. Tasha was never his woman. Did he lead her on? She even admitted that they weren’t exclusive and that she knew it wasn’t serious. Of course, she could have been saying all of this simply because of her hurt and embarrassment.

Tasha only chose to see in Lawrence what she wanted to see. She constantly denied that he even had another woman in his life. She threw her breasts at him by way of saying that she cleans up nicely, and when he is finally free to do what he wants, he takes her up on her sexual offer. When did she ask for more? When did he offer more?

Enough of this. Goodbye Tasha. May you and your exposed breasts find an actual boyfriend soon.

– Issa’s Neighbor Dude
Issa is in the process of paint over her smoke damaged wall when she sees Eddie sitting out by the pool. She decides that the best way to get what her dead vibrator couldn’t provide is to pretend Eddie left his charger at her house. Her plan works and she manages get into his house and have all of the sex with him.

Buuuut, before all of the sex, Issa and Eddie are sitting on the couch discussing Gossip Girl. I loved that show and was sad, but satisfied when it went off the air. But why did they mention Blake Lively though? Serena wasn’t the best character. Blair was my favorite.

Issa and Eddie commence with the awkward sex. Eddie is so considerate; his headboard has built-in hole for Issa’s head. Aww! How sweet is that? Ungrateful Issa doesn’t approve of her head being stuck in the hole and asks to change positions and finally gets all of the man meat she has been craving.

Issa leaves Eddie’s apartment (with her charger).

The show closes with a Tinder message from Felix saying they should hang out sometime and Issa smiles.

One last thing

– Black Twitter’s Condoms
I’m tired of reading, “Where are the condoms?” and “Everyone is hittin’ raw” Can you all grow up? Just because you don’t see it happen on the screen doesn’t mean safe sex isn’t being practiced by these characters. Sure, someone COULD end up pregnant. And yes, weird Twitter person in my mentions, someone COULD get a venereal disease but I don’t think this show is looking to educate. It’s simply a story.


****Scripted shows are NOT reality shows or documentaries****

How many of you think these actors are ACTUALLY having sex on set? Hmm? If this was a documentary, I got you. If this was your homegirl down the street – I got you, but this isn’t either of those situations.

Dear Issa Ray and Prentice Penny, to appease your simple-minded segment of your audience, perhaps you would consider using implied sexual activity. For example, remember how the camera pans to the wind chimes as Celie and Shug began to kiss in The Color Purple? Or, you could do something petty like break the 4th wall to explain to the audience that, “Even though you don’t see it on screen, this character is now placing a condom on his erect penis. Also, afterward, he will remove said condom and the scene will continue. But remember! You won’t see any of this!”

I saw Prentice’s tweet stating that the writer’s room assumed safe sex and so should the viewer. But that wasn’t good enough for some of you. Someone tweeted at Prentice that “what if young people are watching?” First if all, that’s not any of his business.

I really hope they either 100% ignore you crybabies or they troll you.

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Thoughts Out Loud #7 – Insecure S2E2 Requested Recap

*Note* This not an exact replica of the audio version because I added a few extra thoughts during the recording.

I’m Danielle and you’re listening to Thoughts Out Loud on Frizzyfro.com. This episode was created at the specific request of one Mr Michael W. See how this works? Ask and you might receive.

Welcome to another monthly episode of my thoughts on life, love, and happiness.
Just kidding! All I have for you are my random thoughts about whatever I experienced in the world this past month.

This time I am giving you my thoughts on Insecure season 2 Episode 2: Hella Questions.

Let me set your expectations right now. If you want a detailed discussion and analysis, I suggest you tune in to Crissle and Fran’s official episode recap on the Insecuritea Podcast. They do a GREAT job of giving you the details that 99.99% of us missed while watching the show.

As for me and my uncap? This is going to be like Lawrence at the end of Season 2 Ep 1 with that whole “get in and out quick, quick, quick!” action he gave Issa.

And if you’re listening to this I assume the following:
1. You have watched season 1
2. You know the characters
3. You are caught up on Season 2

If you have not done the above items, it’s your fault if you keep listening beyond this point.

I made these notes after my 3rd viewing of Insecure, so there is only one scene that I still connected with emotionally at this point, and I’ll tell you when we get there.
Ok, so here we go. My favorite lines along with a little bit of commentary.

Insecure Episode 2 Hella Questions

“Bitch are you a magic 8 ball? what does that mean?” – Molly when Issa was describing the aftermath of the extra quick sex she had with Lawrence

“You sent this during rush hour? Now you know Lawrence is a safe driver” – Molly when questioning Issa’s texting timeframe

“Issa put the cookie down” – Molly to Issa *cookie plops on the floor*

Thoughts: It’s weird that Molly is Issa’s therapist. Maybe Issa should also attend therapy.

What is a nebulous fuck? I had to ask google to define “nebulous” and now I am wiser. Give google a try. She loves questions.

I LOVED that the lyrics to each song fit perfectly with the scenes they play with.

In this episode Molly finally figured out how to use her words with the therapist. Molly wants to be accepted by the guys at work. I can understand wanting to be accepted by your peers. Molly is considering helping out in Chicago for the job. Good for her. That all boys club slightly triggered me because I am now a part of a boys club. Newly promoted. Congratulations to me. My situation is a little different though because they make sure to include me in conversations.
Back to the show…

I want to own the therapist’s office. I want all of it.
Molly really tried it with that “should” versus “sh—ought”.
I think I was Molly when I was younger. I thought that I couldn’t move on with life until I graduated from college.

California African American Museum – my cousin is visiting my other cousin in LA (they are sisters) and they sent me a picture of this museum Sunday afternoon. Connection! Side note: My one cousin lives in LA and now I feel like I need to visit to make sure she isn’t sitting on a bouch on the curb of her apartment complex.

The show continues with them in the museum…

Kelli: Can’t nobody say your party wasn’t lit. ‘Cause of the fire. (yeah, ha ha haaaaa… 😐 )

Molly is so shady. Issa said that Lawrence stopped by and they had a great conversation, and here comes Molly with “Oh? y’all talked? What did y’all talk about?”

Tiffany says “even perfect couples have problems”
Supposedly Derek and Tiffany are “great now” she kept all of those problems to herself. Who knew?

When Kelli’s mouth releases more words than it should have and she mentions Lawrences new woman, Issa said she didn’t want to be petty. That was so cute, but Molly pulls out her phone looks up Tasha like *snaps fingers*

“Why does she only speak in emojis?” I felt some kind a way about this line because I love a good emoji conversation.

At some point later. The next day, 2 days later…a month later…
Issa shows up at Chad’s house
My thoughts:
Chad and that confounded juice and straw.
That bum kept Issa at the door and just stared at her…looking like a cheshire cat.
No offer to let her in.
No, how can I help you? Just — staring and makes the pettiest of small talk.

But you know what? Deep down inside I LOVED Chad’s behavior. LOL I truly live for the petty. I should be ashamed, but I’m not.

Ok. At Tasha’s house…
We get to watch this season’s show within the show featuring Regina Hall and Scott Foley (pauses to hum the Felicity theme music)

“Ninny is your soup hot?”
“It aint’ never been hotter, sir.”
“Follow the North Star to our spot by the creek.”

Tasha really thought she was starting a relationship with Lawrence.
Tasha: “you know, I was actually gon’ invite you” (to her family’s cookout)
Dear Tasha, Y’all have been out on 1 whole date and now you want to take him to meet your family?
Don’t you think that’s a bit much? Just in case you don’t I’m here to tell you that it is too much.

Then Lawrence verbally vomited on Tasha with that whole “Tasha I slept with my ex” speech.
I will give Tasha credit though; She was good to tell him that he needed to go.
How does Tasha not know that Lawrence has been in a 5 year relationship and he is messed up because the woman he loved/s cheated on him. He is in no way ready for a new relationship.

Back to Issa..
Issa said she didn’t want to be petty, but here we are looking at ALL of Tasha’s social media.
But to be honest, this is what we do. We look up the competition. I don’t know if that’s what guys do, but it’s what we women do… um…or, maybe that’s just what I used to do during my Myspace/Facebook days.
Instagram lurking Issa sees the caption on Tasha’s page: ‘The poppers are popping’.

At the school house
Enter Vice Principal Gaines

Side note, Mr Gaines looks like an older version of Kanye west

I am not a fan of Mr Kanye Gaines.
He said things are falling through the cracks because the school is now so overpopulated.
But then he says “Might have to build a wall or something. Have them pay for it” and proceeds to laugh. And no, sir. You cannot scrape mold off and be done with it.

Freida wants to report him and Issa does not.
Issa is avoiding the Gaines situation and every time she blows it off, I cringe. How can she be so willing to let Gaines says stuff like: “we speak English here. Save the Spanish for the bus”?

The new advisor asked what do you need and Issa said they need paper. “Do you have that here?” The advisor says “yes, we are a school”.

Chad to Lawrence while they were looking at an apartment: “It has two bedrooms. One for you to sleep in and one for your feelings”.
Ebony – she looked so familiar the first time I watch the episode, but then Issa Rae tweeted that it was Patty. The one that was always sick. Why did I think she was sister Mary?

Molly/Lawrence meet up
Molly is annoying. Is she really a good lawyer? She asks him how he is doing and then goes in to how Issa is feeling with out really giving Lawrence a chance to talk about himself. You can see from his response of “and” that he wasn’t expecting that from her.
Molly probably did more damage than good.

In the parking lot between the bank and the Best Buy, Issa is in her car dreaming about popping Tasha in the face when, in that moment, Tasha walks by. So, Issa quickly lays her seat back and has a phone conversation with Molly.
I laughed when the security guard comes up to the car and says “Ma’am, you cannot sleep here”.

At some point one night…
Lawrence is outside of Tasha’s house talking about mistakes.
So, since Tasha says they were never exclusive. She has no problem with inviting Lawrence in for food. UGHHHHH

And Issa is settling in to her new single life by moving some of her clothes to Lawrence’s closet and moves the pillow to the middle of the bed.
I will say that this scene got me the most. The music. The lighting. Issa’s actions. I could relate to this scene 100%. Breakups suck. That strong feeling of no longer being a couple and going back to doing things on your own.

And then to propel us into the week, Issa decides to engage in Tinder sex. Like, with a stranger. Yuck.

The end. I have said all I have to say (unless you choose to challenge me.) Send your comments to Danielle@frizzyfro.com or contact me on Twitter and Instagram at FrizzyFroPod.

Thoughts Out Loud #6 – Snobs Ride the Bus, too

What’s in this episode: #AmpedBrunch and the day I met my some of my podcast favs The Public Transportation Vexation (a variation on a theme). Letting go when and aging Introspection is a rabbit hole Recycled News deserves a rant I am on Twitter and Instagram as FrizzyFroPod or email me at Danielle@frizzyfro.com.

Thoughts Out Loud #5 – Way Too Random

The “New Year, New Me” episode of Thoughts Out Loud except..it’s way too random. This episode I discuss my new apartment and other random topics like:
Southern Travel and rest stop germs.
Symbols of hate (flags) flying on the highway
If Twitter had government positions.
What it’s like to live a dog’s life.
More Twitter
Dear White People

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Thoughts Out Loud #4 – Recognition of the Least

Welcome to Thoughts Out Loud on Frizzyfro.com. I am Danielle and this is my digital home. Thanks for joining me as I scowl at the present, remember the past, and wonder about the future.

Thoughts Out Loud is available for audio download on platforms such as iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, and Soundcloud and as a blog post on FrizzyFro.com. You are all very welcome for my kindness and generosity.

And because this is my birthday month, this episode is dedicated to all of the Pisces people in the world.

Before I delve into this week’s topic I want to ask you all a question: Do you know about the comedic duo Danielle and Dana also known as Dana and Danielle also known as the founding members of petty lane? Ok, so Dana is my comedic safe space. We both do things to make each other laugh and there’s no serious judgment involved. In my version of reality, Dana and I are the Desus and Mero of our own private petty island that’s lit by a teeny tiny problematic light.

For example, Dana is like Mero. She has a husband and a bajillion kids (ok, so only 4 kids – three girls one boy) and is literally a soccer mom. I am similar to Desus in that I make fun of Dana’s married with kids family lifestyle. And where Desus has an intense hobby of collecting boy shoes and watching the sports, I collect Broadway Playbills and museum receipts and enjoy photographing nouns.

When Dana and I first met, I had to write down the names of her kids in their birth order just to keep them straight. We live completely different lifestyles and neither of us is interested in swapping sides.
Someday I’ll tell you about how Dana got me to temporarily join Match.com. She wants me to use my heart or some such nonsense. Meh.

But anyway, speaking of kids…(not Dana’s kids, just random faceless kids) Let’s talk about how everyone is special and how everyone thinks they deserve equal praise even when they do the least.

I don’t believe in participation trophies or ribbons. You either win or you don’t (barring any tampering to fix the outcome).

Here’s my story: I started playing string instruments in elementary school. I played cello in 5th grade and switched to the violin in 6th grade. I started auditioning for various orchestras and competitions in 7th grade. In my senior year of high school I finally placed high enough during the eastern regional orchestra audition to make it in to the statewide Honors orchestra. Congratulations to me. That same year, the Eastern Regional committee decided to include a repertoire orchestra (also known as “the losers”) as part of the concert program. I remember being confused and annoyed with the announcement because WE (the winners) were supposed to be the focus. WE had put in the effort, had the talent, and performed the best that day to get the ultimate prize – a seat in the orchestra.

Creating the repertoire orchestra said to teenage me, “Well, just show up. Just be present, because that’s all that really matters. You’ll still get to play.”

No! That’s NOT all that matters.

Showing up + preparation/effort + skill + talent + magic dust + some other stuff that makes this equation equal a winner is what it takes.

I remember the principal making the announcement during my AP US History class: congratulations to the following students for making the eastern regional orchestra (he says my name and one other person’s name), and congratulations to the following students for making the repertoire orchestra (he names everyone else who auditioned including “T”). When the announcement was over, our teacher congratulated T, who was to be our future valedictorian, on her accomplishment. To T’s credit, she provided an Adele at the Grammys answer to my Album of the Year Beyonce moment. In front of the class she kinda shrugged and replied with something like, “Thanks, but I made the losers orchestra. Danielle made the real one that counts; they are just letting the rest of us play, too.”
The teacher glanced at me and then back at T and said, “Well, repertoire sounds more prestigious.” and she walked away.

That moment was the biggest snub I had ever received in my teenage life.

I would also like to point out that it was a blind audition like you see on the tv show The Voice. The judges had their backs to the instrumentalists while we performed. On the flip side, this teacher stared me in the face. She visually judged me and decided I was not worthy of acknowledgement EVEN AFTER BEING TOLD SHE WAS WRONG!

Wow. I’ve never really, really thought about this before. I have always remembered that teacher’s response, but never thought much about the event as a whole. Maybe it didn’t impact me too much at the time because I knew I was the better violinist and I knew I was going to major in music in college and I knew that I had been playing in a paid orchestra along side my teachers all through my Jr and Sr high years.

Knowing facts about yourself is definitely a great way to deflect negativity. But back to my main point, I loathe participation trophies, ribbons, and certificates. Actually, I’m going to modify my stance: You can have your participation crap, but it shouldn’t be given when the winners receive their recognition. Mail out the certificates or pick them up in the lobby on the way back to the car, but let the winner(s) have their moment in the spotlight.

Generally when you do something great and stand out from your peers you want to be acknowledged. I think that’s human. I think that’s reasonable.

Assuming prejudice and bias are not involved, if you stand out, you will be rewarded accordingly. And of course in the end, if no one else gives you your just due, give it to yourself.

That being said, you can’t be delusional about facts and reality. Ok?

Acknowledgements and Name Drops
I attended the 4th Anniversary live show for The Read in NYC and it was great. It rained like crazy just before the show and my fro was heavy with water. Also, Berry and I may have cut in line to stand with Ty. Shame on me because I yelled at someone for trying to do that last year. But you know what? He had an umbrella and I did not.

That night I got to meet several podcasters including the hosts of The Cure Podcast and We Come From Queens. I also got to meet Assante at The Read Popup shop, and now my Friend Zone Podcast trinity of mentions is complete.

Thanks for listening and I’ll be back to share more thoughts soon.

Additional Commentary not in the audio version:
I am aware that Beyonce did not win Album of the Year (but I think she should have). I mentioned that situation to point out the similarity of the acknowledged person recognizing that they did not deserve the unjustified accolade.

CSL: Shareef Jackson Makes Math Look Good – S4 Ep1

Chocolate Starved Lives is back in just time to kick off Black History Month with a super duper Other People’s Podcast/Chocolate Star of the Week episode featuring my guest (and chocolate star) Shareef Jackson.

How did Danielle and Shareef meet?
Back in the olden days of podcasting, Blacking It Up (now known as This Week in Blackness), was hosted by Elon, Bassey, and Aaron. The show was streamed live and listeners were able to engage with the hosts real time through the chatroom. It was this chatroom that introduced me to many new people in the online world, one of whom is Shareef.

*Show Notes*
Intro: Weird News
A trolling promise
Google knows this Shareef is NOT Ice Cube’s son
The Neil Degrasse Tyson picture pose predicament
The NASA Social “Space Bowl” event in Houston, TX
Podcast pet peeves from a listener and creative standpoint
Live and in person: Blogging While Brown 2013-ish
Other Conference recommendations
Where exactly is Texas?
Shareef’s transition from corporate to self employment
  – Math Looks Good, LLC
Other People’s Podcast: The future of Operation Cubicle
Gaming Podcast: Spawn on Me (Focused on diversity in gaming)
Gaming Youtube series: Gaming Looks Good
Shareef’s surprises Danielle (hint: It’s Black Cop related)
The cookie beef is rehashed
Black History Month Events for Philly and Milwaukee
Danielle is the cutest version of a troll. AKA a ‘trolini’.
Twitter: @ShareefJackson
Instagram: mathlooksgood
Sending your feedback by email to Danielle@frizzyfro.com or tweet me @FrizzyFroPod.

Thoughts Out Loud #3 – Finger-licking City Living

Imagine you’re on the train heading to work and the aroma of peanut butter, accompanied by the sounds of smacking lips assaults your early morning senses. If you’re me, you frantically search for the source of the offensive sounds and odors until you find the disgusting culprit.

I don’t understand people who sit on public transportation vehicles, eat food, AND lick their fingers. Licking your fingers is disgusting anyway, but to do it in one of THE most germ-filled places…that’s just nasty.
So yeah you peanut butter smelling, finger licking, lady with the high blonde bun – you are disgusting.

City Living is the life for me, but suburban house sizes make me happy. Is there a way to compromise? I want to live in New York, but Philly rent suits me fine. (Confession time: I wrote that with the theme of Green Acres running through my head.)

I move a lot, and by a lot I mean I move almost every year. I am quite nomadic by nature. I don’t feel like I belong in any one place. Going to college was my first big move. I went off to college in Greensboro, NC and only returned to my mother’s house once (during the summer of my freshman year). After Greensboro, I moved to Charlotte, NC, then Atlanta, GA, back to Charlotte, then to Philadelphia (technically Wyncote), back to Atlanta, and once again to Philadelphia.

Yeah, that’s a lot of moving between cities and states, but let me one up myself. Within these city moves I also changed apartments on a yearly basis with the exception of the time when I owned my house. But even then I wasn’t loyal. After a few years I found some renters and moved to Atlanta!

It’s time for me to move again. My lease is up in a couple of months and I refuse to continue living between stomping children and a wanna be DJ while my rent is raised by $70/month. I am taking a moment to remember the good old days when Valerie and I got our first apartment together. The combined rent was $515 per month and we each paid $257.50 in rent. And the next year I convinced her to move to a brand new “luxury” complex where our combined rent jumped up to $740/month. Oh the good old days when a brand new huge 2 bedroom/2 bathroom with washer/dryer, a gas fireplace, crown moulding and other amenities only cost $740. I have pictures. I’ll have to post them to show I am not making this up.

But time moves on, rental rates increase, and locations change. The Philly lifestyle is so very different from NC and GA. I now consider the following when looking for a place:

  1. Noise – I hate your children, dogs, cats, music, and anything else that disturbs my peace and quiet. If you can keep all of these sounds contained within your own apartment, I’m good. Otherwise, I hate it.
  2. Rodents – This was not something I had to consider while I was in the south, but being up here has taught me that living with unwanted creatures is a reality (especially in Center City). I moved out of the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood because I could hear mice running around at night. The ONLY way I would go back to Center City is with a cat.
  3. Parking – Since moving back to Philly I can say I have experienced a lot of parking situations: Reserved parking, street parking, and garage parking. Street parking is the worst and the PPA is always watching and waiting to give you a ticket if you aren’t parked where your permit is valid.
  4. Walking Life – I actually enjoyed the convenience of walking to work. I can say that is one thing I miss about living in Center City. Walking to work or just going outside and walking around was a great experience. To be clear, I don’t live in the wilderness now. I just feel walking around my current neighborhood isn’t as interesting.
  5. Apartment size – Even though I am a nomad, I have stuff. So this means I need sufficient closet space to keep my stuff. I have lived in a 375 sq. ft apartment and plan to never do that again. Like ever unless life circumstances absolutely force it on me. Studios are nice when they are big, but when they are small, you get tired of looking at ALL of your stuff ALL the time. I did not enjoy staring into my kitchen while lying in bed. I have considered renting a house, but I’m not sure I want to rent a house in Philadelphia. I think I should stick to condos and standard apartments.
  6. And last, but not least…Rental Rates – Ok, so I like nice things but I don’t want to spend my money on nice things. For example, I love Burberry bags, but I can’t bring myself to actually buy one. The same goes for shoes and clothes. I LOVE luxury goods, but I hate spending my money on them. I would like to say the same goes for my dwelling spaces, but I have learned over the years that I am willing to pay for aesthetics and perceived safety. Rental rates are pretty reasonable here, but finding that mix of aesthetics, safety, AND reasonable rates is the ultimate challenge.

So what will I do? I’ll be spending the next few weeks on Hotpads.com, the Realtor app, and Zillow to see what’s available on the market.

Did I forget anything? What would you add to the list? Let me know by sending your feedback by email to Danielle@frizzyfro.com or tweet me @FrizzyFroPod and use the #CSLThoughts hashtag.

One more thing, much thanks to Fran of HeyFranHey.com for being the influencer that she is. Because of her, I have tried Lone Deodorant and I love it. It’s a natural deodorant that contains no aluminum or baking soda. Thus far I have worn it without any embarrassing smells or negative reactions. So thanks Fran for mentioning this product and thanks Diane at Lone for patiently answering my 1 million emails.

The Thoughts Out Loud podcast is written, recorded, and edited by me, DanielleJ.

Thoughts Out Loud #2 – The Inconsolable List

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I’m Danielle and this is the Inconsolable List, much like JD’s Hit List from The Rap Game, but much less pleasant.

Movie Madness – Beaches vs “Beaches” (The “For Why Did They Do That?” edition)
So look, I like Nia Long (Remember her from Love Jones?) and Idina Menzel was great as Rachel Berry’s mother, but…these up and coming Beaches need to respect their legacy and not allow the likes of Lifetime TV to sully the legacy. To be clear, I did not hate watch the movie. I watched because Beaches is a beloved film. Back in my college days, my friend Valerie and I would lay on our respective couches with our Cook Out trays (shout out to Greensboro, NC) and watch movies like Beaches, The Color Purple, and Clueless (Retire in Peace, Stacey Dash.) This was back in the day when VHS tapes and VCRs were a lifestyle.

We would watch Beaches and be all tearful at the end. So I’d prepared my mind to watch this new Beaches to see how other actors would play the roles. I was skeptical, but not in a “Y’all are gonna mess this up.” kind of way. But in the end, you did. You messed it up. But let me start with the positives: John played by Antonio Cupo is cute, Tory Whitney played by Sanai Victoria had the sweetest baby voice. Nia Long actually did a good job at playing sick and dying, and when she said “You got hm by default and you know that.” I was like, “Well alright now! You better let her know!”
Now that we’ve got all of the good stuff out of the way…WHERE WAS THE OTTO TITLING PERFORMANCE? And don’t tell me it was that Hamilton-esque nondescript song towards the beginning of the movie.

There was one scene where the camera movement absolutely reminded me that this was Lifetime and they like to create those creepy stalker/kill/murder/death movies that I refuse to watch. The movie was as good as it gets for a Lifetime TV movie. If you’ve seen the original and loved it, you may or may not love the Lifetime TV Beaches.

Women’s March on Washington, DC
I didn’t attend because I was not feeling the principles laid out on the site. While I don’t believe that violence solves anything, I’m not going to let anyone push me around. I assumed this march would be like most Black Lives Matter protests, and I did not want to be handcuffed or tear gassed or arrested. But waaaait a minute! None of those things happened. It literally was a peaceful protest. Something was different, and I can’t quite put my finger on it…

Political Pretense Presser
Last episode I felt so inspired This episode? I am pissed off.
On Jan 20, 2009 I sat in my house (the one with a past due mortgage), and watched Barack Obama become the 44th President of the United States. I remember watching history being made as I sat on a folding chair in front of my small tv in my otherwise empty master bedroom. I had been unemployed for the previous 6 months, and was working as a temp for an old employer.

I remember feeling conflicted that day because I was scheduled to work. But how was I supposed to work with the first Black president about to be elected? In the end, it all worked out because nature decided to give Charlotte an unexpected snowstorm that kept me home for the day.

That day was the first time I really understood the power of Twitter. That was my first memorable live tweet event and I felt like I was a part of a community.

Fast forward to noon on January 20, 2017 when that dude, Dingle Trop, took the oath of office. I refused to watch the event, but my Twitter timeline provided the gifs and posts to keep me informed.

Throughout the day, people wondered about the attendance numbers. Based on the images provided, it was obvious that not as many people attended compared to previous inaugurations. So then why, a day later, did Press Secretary Sean Spicer speak his version of the truth? When we say “Speak your truth”, this is NOT what we mean. Why did “we, the people” let this happen? Well actually, why did you, the other people let this happen? I did my part. Where were you?

You know what? I’m going to stop here and let the lyrics to Beyonce’s Sorry permeate through my being. My middle fingers are up and my hands are high.

If you would like to add your thoughts, email me at Danielle@frizzyfro.com or tweet me at @FrizzyFroPod.

Thoughts Out Loud #1 – Hidden Figures

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Show Transcript:
Hi, It’s Danielle here with a quick update about my experience with watching Hidden Figures this weekend.
It was a Friday afternoon, 12:40 PM Eastern to be exact, and I found myself sitting in a theater surrounded by elementary students who also planned to watch a movie.

As a personal note, if at all possible, don’t go to the movies when a school decides to bus in gaggles of children. Ask for a refund and comeback later, because…ugh. One child sat behind me and asked his friend numerous questions throughout the movie. Even his friend felt it was too much and told the boy, “be quiet and watch, and your questions will be answered”. LOL The boy was either too young to understand what was going on, or his teachers had not sufficiently prepared him for the movie. At one point the child asked if Katherine’s constant running to the bathroom was for comedic purposes.

Also, during any romantic and/or kissing scenes, the young audience members felt the appropriate response was to say “ewww” in unison.

Thankfully, there were some adults in the theater who laughed when adult level jokes were made. Their laughter reassured me that I was not alone in that sea of tiny humans.

Hidden Figures is the title of a book written by Margot Lee Shetterly, and a film starring Taraji P Henson as Katherine Goble Johnson, Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson, and Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan.

Johnson, Jackson, and Vaughan are real women who had truly inspiring stories that have been hidden from general public knowledge for years.

The movie gives us a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of these outstanding Black women at NACA and NASA during the time of The Space Race.
Each woman started her career as a part of the “colored computers” group. And each woman, in her own way, advanced her career and broke barriers for future women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

During their careers, Katherine became a physicist, Mary became an engineer, and Dorothy became a FORTRAN programmer. While Dorothy had other titles, this one touches me the most because my mother was also a programmer.

Released to a limited audience on December 25, 2016 and a wide audience on January 6, 2017, the film has a run time of 2 hours and 7 minutes and had a production budget of $25 million. As of this recording, the movie has grossed almost $40 million.

I am ending this episode with a special acknowledgement to my grandmother. She was born in the 1920s, attended college, joined a sorority, and worked as a science and math teacher for 33 years before she retired. While my grandmother did not become a computer for NASA, she did influence her daughters and grandchildren as we all work in or with science and math at various career levels. One of my cousins worked for IBM, another is an engineer, and the other has 2 undergraduate degrees related to science.

After seeing this movie, I thought a lot about my grandmother and decided to give her a call and let her know how much she means to me. I then contacted my friend Valerie to find out if my 8-year old goddaughter had seen the movie. She has, and her mother reports that she is now more willing to wear her glasses.

I hope this movie inspires you like it inspired me.
Oh, and on a petty note (and as Dustin from The Friend Zone podcast would say) if you want to witness some true posts of disbelief and laugh at tears of the haters, visit the movie’s IMDB.com message board because supposedly some believe there is NO way this movie could be number 1 at the box office. Podcast Audio – CSL Thoughts Out Loud – Hidden Figures